120mm VS 140mm fans: Find The Best Option!

120mm vs 140mm fans

Usually, a case fan is set up in the back/front of a computer to cool down it. Different sizes of case fans found in the market. We need these case fans to install in computers back or in front of the CPU.

Both 120mm and 140 mm case fans are useful with their various functions though there are some differences between them. These case fans are helpful in different sections according to their sizes, speed, and working capability.

To know the uses and facts between 120mm VS 140mm fans read the article carefully –

120mm VS 140mm fans —

You can understand the features and qualities of these fans if you compare them with one another. Some facts between 120mm VS 140mm fans given below —

Size and spinning speed
It is smaller in size and spins fasterMore significant in size and spin slower
No. of the slot in the panel
3×120 mm’s on the front/top panel2x140mm’s on the front/top panel
Airflow and noise
Airflow is lower and occurs less noiseBetter airflow and more noise occurs


More about 120mm fan—

Spinning speed and airflow capacity—

As its blade size is comparatively small than 140mm, it spins faster. Because of its smaller size, it moves less air from inside to outside. That’s why airflow capacity is less than 140mm side case fan.

 Noise and case size—

120 mm makes less noise, but it requires more movement for better airflow. But this type of fan needs less place to install as it requires 3 × 120 mm’s on the case or panel.


More about 140mm fan—

Spinning speed and airflow capacity—

Due to its larger size, 140 mm moves much airflow to exhaust heat. 140 mm is spinning slower to generate airflow. That’s why its airflow capacity is more than 120 mm fan.

Noise and case size

140 mm fan creates louder noise but doesn’t require much movement for

better airflow. It requires 2 × 140 mm’s on the case or panel. Because of its

size, it requires more space than a 120mm size fan.


Both case fans are essential to exhaust heat from the computer. It depends on the feature and quality of the fan to choose the right one. That’s why it is vital to know about 120mm VS 140mm fans. It will help to save more time and money if you make the right decision about choosing the best one.



What type of problem user face in installing 140mm size fan?

  • Its larger size creates a problem as a limitation of the rear case fan. To install this 140 mm fan, you need a broader case.

Is a 120 mm fan suitable for the better mounting position?

  • Well, we suggest you choose a 140mm fan for a better mounting position.



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