Intel Core i7 8700k Vs i7 9700k – The Famous Sibling Rivalry

CPU industry is loving the era that’s happening right now since there are so many promising options available with mouthwatering features. The teeming growth of some well-known brands rich in feature models is making it even more tempting.

Are you interested to know about some really mind-blowing processors from Intel? Then today’s writing is surely for you. Yes, we are about to differentiate or maybe throw a fiery battle between two siblings coming from one parent. The competition is between i7 8700k vs i7 9700k. Enjoy and see who crosses the final line.

i7 8700k Vs i7 9700k

Product Comparison Table

Product’s Name

Intel Core i7-9700K

Intel Core i7-8700K

Max FrequencyUp to 5.0 GHzUp to 4.7 GHz
Smart Catch16 MB12 MB
Cores &Threads8 &166 &12
Maximum Speed3700 MHz3600 MHz
Base Frequency3.6 GHz3.70 GHz

How Are They Different From One Another?

To begin with, both processors have different features. Considering both products, the Intel Core i7-9700k and i7-8700k desktop processors are different in workings. But, each product has different facilities that are described right down below:

Cores Workings

Every desktop user is familiar with the core workings that are considered good if the processor has more cores. In fact, most of the laptop or computer has 2 cores for working different task at one time.

Also, a computer works simply for doing different tasks easily if it has 4 cores or above. To compare both products, the Intel Core i7-9700k desktop processor has 8 cores that are considered good for professional users.

On the other hand, the Intel Core i7-8700k processor has 6 cores. Both products have the above 4 cores that are useful for working on different tasks.

Threading System

A processor will become dead if it doesn’t have a good thread system that is a process that works on single commands. In fact, it is very similar to the core workings as the processor mainly accesses as one thread works on per core.

Plus, a desktop processor can do multi-task with the help of threads. Besides, most Intel core CPU use better thread that provides a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 threads.

Intel Core i7-9700k comes with hyper-threading with 8 threads for better CPU workings. Equally, the i7-8700k processor has 8 threads for a greater scale and efficiency.

Terminal Design Power

A TDP actually controls the computer or desktop temperature with the help of a chip or component that works perfectly even in workload.  In fact, it gets heated while running apps or games on the CPU.

Plus, it helps a lot with cooling solutions while running multi apps. Both desktop processors have a 95-watt TDP for accessing the cooling system while running the maximum app at one time. Sadly, the i7-9700k processor doesn’t come with a cooling device.

But the good news is Intel core i7-8700k has a cooling fan that helps to prevent the CPU to get overheated. Both products allow running apps, games and works on the CPU without compromise.

Smart Catch Store

Of course, every desktop processor has required a smart catch store option that helps to speed up recurring tasks on the CPU. It is actually like a short-term RAM that needs browsing for providing information copies on web pages.

Also, the catch memory helps to find any information for the next use. The Intel Core i7-8700k desktop processor has 12 Mb of catch store that is quite bigger than most other CPU processors.

As nearly every CPU has 1 to 4 MB of catch store for saving data to use. Likewise, the Intel Core i7-9700k processor has 16 MB of catch memory.

Processor’s Frequency

Like everything else, Intel Core i7-9700k and i7-8700k both processors have different frequencies for momentarily raising the clock speed at a high rate to complete tasks more quickly.

In fact, Intel Core i7-9700k has a 3.6 GHz base frequency and provides maximum turbo frequency up to 5.00 GHz to work rapidly by giving commands.

On the contrary, Intel Core i7-8700k has a base frequency of up to 3.7 GHz and includes a maximum turbo frequency of up to 4.7GHz for finishing work more rapidly.

Plus, this 8th generation processor provides good frequency that helps to share live-streaming or editing and recording all day with no problem of function.

Price Tag

We also find differences in both Intel Core desktop processors’ price points where the i7-9700k is cheap in price. In fact, the 9700k processor has good quality and better features in budget-friendly value.

Besides, it has two channel memory compatibility and 3600 MHz memory speed. And, all these features come at a reasonable price tag.

On the other hand, the Intel Core i7- 8700k processor has high-quality RAM and better default frequency. Plus, it has a logical price point below 450 dollars.

Both processors work wonderfully with more features and excellent memory support for securing important information on the Desktop and CPU.

Who Is The Winner?

Are you wanted to know the winner of i7 8700k VS i7 9700k? Well, comparing the Intel core processor’s quality, features, and value, we discover that both products are good in different ways. If we look at the qualities and features that work for all-time, then the 8700k is our top choice.

Then again, if we look at the value that sounds reasonable plus works quite well on the CPU, then we must say the 9700k is the winner. Even though these products have some differences, both processors are wonderful in their own way.


Both brothers are really impressive in terms of performance and features. So, maintaining the battle between intel core i7 8700k vs i7 9700k was quite daunting and we are sure you’ll agree. However, through the fun war if you are already preferring one processor a bit more then probably your next buy is already decided. Good Luck with the purchase and we are quite sure you’ll make a wise decision.

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