Ryzen 7 2700 Vs i7 8700 | Head to Head Comparison of Two Leading Processors

Both the Ryzen 7 2700 and the i7 8700 is market-leading processors. And they come from brands that have been serving the market with top-notch products for quite a long time.

One from AMD and another from Intel, they are one of the market leaders. When it comes down to quality, no doubt these are some of the best processors. But what we are going to see in this guide is, how these two differ from each other.

There surely have some differences between these two processors, in this guide, we will point out all those factors. From different features to price, you are going to see an in-depth head to head Ryzen 7 2700 Vs i7 8700 comparison.

So pull the chair and sit tight! You are going to enjoy this one!

Comparison of AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Vs  i7 8700

Roll your eyes through the comparison, we have only enlisted features that differ, so might not see all the features in comparison. But later on, we will discuss them in detail.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700

Intel i7 8700

Turbo Clock
It has  4.1 GHz turbo clock speed, slower than the i7 8700.It has a 4.6GHz turbo clock speed, delivers pretty good speed.
Features faster AM4 Socket, this one is really fast.LGA1151 socket, slower compared to the AM4 socket.
It has no GPU at all.Features Intel UHD Graphics 630, offers a smoother gaming experience.
This processor features overclocking for a better experience.It doesn’t come with overclocking.
Features DDR4-2933 memory, good enough for satisfying user experience.Features DDR4-2666, this one also offers decent performance.
The price is pretty affordable compared to the i7 8700.This processor is a little expensive than the AMD ryzen 7 2700.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Detailed Review

The Ryzen 7 2700 is AMD’s first Non- X production that has gained a lot of traction within a very short time. It offered outstanding performance. But one main reason why it has gained so much popularity is the price.

People who were struggling for buying a top-notch processor purchased the AMD Ryzen 7 2700. And so far all the users are pretty satisfied with the purchase. However, let’s discuss its features in detail.


The cooler you will get with this processor looks amazing. AMD has used a wraith spire cooler on this very processor. Not only that, this cooler comes with LED lights that deliver the right light illumination. Plus, the cooler offers great thermal performance as well.

AMD Socket

AMP have improved their mainstream and future proof computing platform with the latest B450 and X470 chipsets. It comes with an AM4 socket that aims to deliver a user faster experience.

MI technology

SSD’s are really fast, efficient, and highly useful, everyone knows that. That being said, their storage capacity is limited and their price is high as well.

On the other hand, hard drives offer large storage space and come at an affordable price but the speed is slow. So here, if you are looking for faster speed you have to pay a big price and if you want affordability, then you have to compromise the speed.

The AMD has hit the exact sweet spot. Since this is a big issue, they have tried to merge the Hard drive with SSD. And that resulted in MI technology.

With this, you get a faster user experience, enough storage space, and you don’t have to pay a big price as well. AMD really has done a great job of inventing such a thing.

Master Utility

All of the AMD’s processors get multiplier-unlocked from the factory, which allows you to adjust your device’s performance according to your own preference.

And that results in a greater and smoother user experience. You can only expect these kinds of features from AMD, they are always after innovations.


  • Affordable price.
  • Faster performance.
  • Nice looking cooler.
  • AMD socket.
  • Long-lasting service.


  • No GPU.

Overall Performance

The AMD Ryzen 7 2700 is a fantastic processor. It comes with all ideal the features that an enthusiast looks for. And among all, the best one is the price.

AMD has kept the price pretty low which allows people in a short budget to feel the magic of a top-notch computer processor. If it is maintained well, you can go a long way with it.

Intel i7 8700 Detailed Review

Presenting another beast, the Intel i7 8700. This is another top-notch processor of the market, the choice of many sports gamers. If we compare with AMD, Intel is an older brand. And it holds a great reputation under the belt as well. They have always provided users with a worthy and satisfying product. And this i7 8700 is another top-notch creation of this brand which has dominated the market pretty well. Let’s know more about it.


It comes with a stock intel cooler which used to do best in 4-core i7 7700. But now in this i7 8700, this cooler doesn’t work pretty fine. So you might need to get a better cooler to cope with your regular use. Make sure the cooler you choose comes with incredible heat handling ability.


It features an Intel 630 GPU. If you are not a gamer or someone who needs a lot of graphics, then this feature might not be helpful for you.

But for gamers, this is an outstanding feature. This very GPU gives you an incredible gaming experience. And if we compare the AMD 7 2700, sadly that doesn’t come with any GPU. And that makes it unsuitable for the gamers and other graphics guys.


The Intel i7 8700 comes with a nice socket LGA 1151. That is not extraordinary but is decent. The performance is good, the same as the AMD 7 2700.

Power Draw

The benefit of non-overclock CPUs is the lower power. But this Intel i7 8700 comes with 65W TDP and has different power draw numbers at different states of the computer. Shown below

When the computer is ideal, the power draw is 35W.

In the gaming state, the power draw is 71Q.

And 113W in rendering.


  • Faster using experience.
  • It comes with GPU.
  • Delivers lifelong service.
  • Good processor frequency.


  • Useless cooler fan.

Overall Performance

For gamers, this Intel i7 8700 would be a good processor for sure. Since the processor is the 8th generation, it delivers an outstanding faster experience. Besides that, you get GPU as well which is really great.

Compared to the AMD Ryzen 7 2700 model, the price is a little higher but that is worth it. However, the cooling fan of this processor is not up to the mark, so consider purchasing another.


From this AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Vs i7 8700 comparison, I don’t know what you have decided. But I would suggest you go for the AMD model if you don’t use anything heavy on your computer. And for gaming, I won’t suggest this AMD Ryzen 7 2700 at all. You should go with the Intel i7 2700 instead.

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