What is CQA Test with Solutions of Common Problems

Are you worried about CQA test app which is suddenly appeared on your phone? Maybe you also have faced some unexpected problems after appearing it. But, still, you don’t know what is CQA test and how you can get rid of the problems.

Don’t worry and follow the article. Here, you will get definite and clear ideas about what is CQA test with the meaning and purpose of the CQA test. Along with this you also find simple solutions to common problems regarding CQA test app.

What is the CQA Test?

CQA stands for Certified Quality Auditor. It employs the standards and principles associated with auditing. It is capable to identify a production system’s strengths and weaknesses in quality control by using various evaluation techniques.

So, the CQA test is a quality monitoring app that used by the manufacturer. As to the users, it’s not entirely disclosed, you neither can uninstall or disable it. Because it is a system app and the manufacturers need it.

Common Problems and Solutions Regarding CQA Test App

After knowing what is CQA test, let us learn about the problems, that may occur after appearing app on your phone. 


  • The lock screen doesn’t show up.
  • The home button and recent apps do not work.
  • Cannot pull down the notification drawer completely.
  • The camera doesn’t open after pressing the power button twice.
  • No incoming calls are coming.

Simple backup plans

Before discussing the solutions, we recommend you to take the backup of all what you don’t want to lose from your phone. Some simple and effective backup plans are discussed here.

If your device permits you, connect your phone to a USB drive via an OTG cable and take backup into it. You can also transfer your data to the sd card of your phone. 

Besides, You can upload chosen folders to Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cold storage option. If possible, transfer all the required data to another phone by using the file-sharing app.

Effective Methods to Reset Your Device

You can use a different method to get rid of the problems that appeared for CQA test app. The methods are-

Method: 1

Try to force stop the CQA test app: to get rid of unexpected problems, we can simply force stop the CQA test app.just follow the steps carefully(follow the red mark).

Step 1: click “Setting”

At first, go to the menu of your device. Find and click  “setting” to get the next option.

Step 2:  Go to “App Management”

After entering into the homepage of “setting”,  you have to scroll down. Then you will see “App Management” option. Tap this option.

Step 3:Open up “show system process”

After clicking “App Management” option, you will see at the top right corner “show system process” option. Tab it.

Step 4: Select CQA test app

After clicking “show system process”, the CQA test app will appear before you. Now select the app. Now there is only one step to apply.

Step 5: Finally force stop the app

Now you will see “force stop” option. Just tab it to force stop the app.

Method: 2

Try to reset the phone by doing a factory reset(setting>backup and reset>factory data reset).

Method: 3

Try to clear cache from your iphone(setting>Safari>Clear History and Website Data).

Method: 4

Try to do a hard reset. To perform it-

  • First, turn off your device.
  • Tap both the power and the volume button simultaneously for 10 seconds and get the Android bootloader menu.
  • In the bootloader menu, use the volume down button to move up/down and the power button to enter or select.
  • Choose the “Recovery Mode” option.
  • After seeing the words “no command” press and hold the power button. During holding the power button press and release the volume up button.
  • You will see a list menu with a Wipe data/Factory reset option. Select it. Thus your device will be restored.

Note: The above methods are applicable to your laptop also.

As you go through the article, you have come to know about what is CQA test as well as the problems and solutions regarding it. Not only that, but you also have got tips about receiving backup. Which we have promised you at the beginning. Hopefully, this learning will help you to get rid of the problems caused by CQA test app.

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