8GB Vs 16GB Macbook Pro | Which One to Pick & Why 2020? 

8GB Vs 16GB Macbook Pro

Since the software requirements of devices are getting higher at a faster pace, in order to keep up with that Apple has introduced a new MacBook Pro 8GB and 16GB version. Knocking off the 4GB version completely. Actually, there are a couple of variants in this MacBook Pro which we are surely going to discuss. But what is the aim of this article is to help people who can’t seem to decide whether to for 8GB or 16GB.

Both are actually great but which one you should go with that depends on your needs. Each variant works a little differently. So to make sure that you end up picking the right one, you have to make a little research. And that is really time-consuming, right?

What if you get a piece of the guide where you get everything you needed to know? That is exactly what this guide is about. You are going to see an in-depth comparison between these two models which is enough to help you decide.

Getting started then!

Differences of MacBook Pro 8GB Vs 16GB

MacBook Pro 8GBMacBook Pro 16GB
Heavy Browsing
With the 8GB varient you cannot expect smooth browsing experience when the task is heavy.It is a Future-proof model, especially designed to tackle heavytasks.
Heavy Photo Editing
8GB MacBook Pro is good for basic photo editing, not for heavy graphics.Allows you do heavy graphic works smoothly.
Video Rendering
Renders video little slow compared to the 16GB variant.Renders videos pretty fast.
Compared to the 16GB variant, this falls behind in multitasking.Offers great multitasking experience.
The price is affordable. (Check Here)Little expensive because of 16GB ram. (Check Here)

In-depth Comparison of 8GB Vs 16GB MacBook Pro

The CPU, Display, Graphics, Keypad, Color, of these two variants, are the same. The only difference between these two is the Ram and the price. That being said, the increased ram creates a bunch of differences and that is what we are going to look at right now!

Browsing Experience

If you don’t do any heavy works and looking for a laptop for casual works, then the 8GB variant would be more than enough for you. The 8GB ram is a lot, usually, everyone goes with this when they are even picking windows. The 8GB is for average usage. However, there are still some issues which we have found out that can be trouble for you.

Although we said a lot of people go for the 8GB ram, but the MacBook pro-8GB model doesn’t perform as expected. Performs pretty slow on the safari, when you open more than 20 tabs. And when you are working something very important, this can mess your mind. Not only the Safari browser, but it also works similarly on the chrome as well. So if you are one of them who does heavy browsing, then this 8GB variant might not be a suitable one for you.

On the other hand, the 16GB variant is named as Future-proof model. Because if you pick 8GB, with time after a year or two, you will need to upgrade to a higher device for better performance. But Apple has already launched 16GB variant and with this, you are not going to need to upgrade at least within 2-3 years. And if we talk about the browsing experience, this is a beast. You can work on more than 25 to 30 tabs very smoothly.


According to a couple of surveys, Macbooks are mostly used by either designers or coders. Because of the smoothness of apple. However, if we talk about some very popular designing and coding software, AutoCad runs pretty smooth in 8Gb Macbook pro. No glitches at all don’t matter how heavy the file is. Talking about the Xcode and Sketch, this software also rums good. If you are a heavy graphics worker, then you might have little issue with the 8Gb.

Adobe software such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop, works well. But when it comes to large size images like a billboard, then you won’t get a smooth performance. That being said, anything too shitty won’t happen such as software crash. You might see a few glitches and the performance might get slow, but no crashing would happen.

On the contrary, the 16GB variant needs no introduction. As you have already guessed, this works better than the 8GB variant. It doesn’t matter how heavy the file or how large the image is, you are going to get smoother performance all the way.


If we talk about the MacBook Pro 16GB, you are going to get incredible multi-tasking experience. There won’t be any kind of lag, of any kind slowing down. You get the same speed even when you are multitasking. But compared to the 16GB Macbook Pro, the 8GB Macbook Pro doesn’t perform better. You might face slow performance when you try to multi-task with this. 16GB will better, that is obvious.

Video Rendering

The video rendering of 8GB MacBook Pro is good. Doesn’t matter how long the video is, it will get rendered within a very decent time. But the 16GB Macbook Pro renders video faster than the 8GB, which is pretty obvious. So both of them are good at video rendering but if we talk about ultra-fast rendering, then definitely MacBook Pro 16GB takes the cake.


Obviously, the Macbook Pro 16GB will be expensive since that offers better performance and capabilities. And compared to the 8GB Macbook, 16GB has a better resale value since that is a very advanced model.


No doubt both of these two models the MacBook pro 16GB and 8GB is incredible models from the mighty apple. But if we compare these two, then 16GB variant seems to climb up high and that is for obvious reason, better performance than the 8GB model.

Lastly, we would say, if you are not a heavy user then 8GB will be good to go. But for better performance, surely go for the 16GB. However, this was a small comparison of 8GB vs 16Gb MacBook pro, I hope this helps you decide.


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