Lenovo Thinkpad vs Ideapad: Which One Should You Buy!

lenovo thinkpad vs ideapad

Are you stuck with the term Lenovo Thinkpad vs Ideapad? Then read the entire article to clear all your confusions and choose the suitable one for you.

The famous Chinese Brand Lenovo has launched a variety of laptop computer series according to tastes and working modules. Thinkpad and Ideapad are two of them. These two series are two different categories laptop computers or tablet PCs having various models but oriented from one single brand.

In this article, we will give some comparing features of the two renowned series of Lenovo brand. And It will help you not only to differentiate but also to choose the favorable one.


Features of Thinkpad and Ideapad

Before jumping on the comparison, let us get started with some basic face-values.


Thinkpad is one category of laptop computers which is the best for business purpose. IBM first founded it. Later it was continued with Lenovo. Some models of Thinkpad series are Thinkpad-T, Thinkpad-P, Thinkpad-E, Thinkpad -L, Thinkpad -A, Thinkpad -13, Thinkpad-11e.


Ideapad is the category best for personal use, which is also known as consumer-based. Lenovo first founded it just after some years of launching Thinkpad. Some popular models of Ideapad are Ideapad-700, Ideapad- 500, Ideapad-300, Ideapad-100.

Comparison Table For Lenovo Thinkpad vs. Ideapad

With the help of a comparison table, you can not only know the features but also choose the right one comparing another.

Lenovo ThinkpadLenovo Ideapad
mainly founded by IBM, in 2005, later continued by Lenovo.Lenovo founded it in 2008.


Is perfect for business purposes (schools, industries, business corporations)Suitable for personal use.
has the Trackpoint feature, which brings a clear working moduleNo TrackPoint feature
LCD screen & LED keyboardgaming, browsing, multimedia tasks only
client security solution, accelerometer sensor, active protection system, and fingerprint reader for securing privacy.face recognition system only
got approval for using in Space station             for personal usage Only

Pros & Cons

Like the proverb, every coin has two sides; these two series have both the positive and negative aspects also. From which it is easier to choose the best one.

 Pros & Cons of Thinkpad


  • Low-density feature
  • Can adopt up to 28-Volt power
  • Least weight for secure handling
  • More reliable in working terms
  • More durable
  • Can give the highest performance level


  • They are complicated for personal use.

Pros & Cons of Ideapad


  • Best for personal use.
  • Widescreen touch controls and frameless screens give the greatest user interface.
  • Dolby speaker systems ensure the best sound quality.
  • ultraportable


  • Not favorable for business purposes.

After reading this article, you can now clear out all your confusion on Lenovo Thinkpad vs. Ideapad, and you can choose the right one according to your desires.

If you want for personal use only then, you can buy any model of the Ideapad series.  And if for business purposes then you can go for Thinkpad.


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