Lenovo Thinkpad T480 Vs T480s – Which One You Prefer in 2022?

Lenovo has its own reputation with gadgets and laptops providing a bunch of key features in whatever they bring in the market. From innovative tablets to future-focused laptops, they are doing everything possible to keep their consumers never leaving their comforts. And one iconic line from Lenovo has to be the ThinkPad.

It’s probably one of the most popular notebooks that quite positively established the reputation of Lenovo. And so, being confused over two ThinkPad options is not surprising at all.

Let’s take you to a ride of comparing two of the hyped Lenovo ThinkPad models. We are here to find out a lot about the ThinkPad t480 vs t480s battle hopefully. Let’s Go!

Lenovo ThinkPad T480 Vs T480s

ThinkPad T480 (Business Class) ThinkPad T480s (Overall Best)


8th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-8250U (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) Processor 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8650U (8M Cache, up to 4.2GHz) Processor

Hard Disk Size

256GB flash memory size NVMe 2242 M.2 SSD 500GB Solid State Drive

Display Size & Resolution

14” HD 1366×768 anti-glare, 220 nits,LED backlight, 400:1 Contrast Ratio& 16: 9 aspect ratios 14″ IPS Full HD 1920×1080 resolution non-touch& matte anti-glare screen


9.15 x 13.25 x 0.79 inches 13.03 x 8.93 x 0.73 inches


3.63 lbs. 2.9lbs.

Battery Life

Up to 19.8 hours with 3-cell 24 WHr + 3-cell 24 WHr Li-Ion Up to 15.6 hours with 57 WHr battery


Intel UHD 620 Integrated Graphics Intel UHD 620 Integrated Graphics

Keyboard Type

Non-backlight keyboard Backlight keyboard

Memory Speed

2133 MHz 2400 MHz

Price Range

Reasonable See More Details Practical Price See More Details
Our Recommended Pick

Lenovo ThinkPad T480s Laptop– Do Creative Work with This One***

With fine built quality, the T408s ThinkPad comes with a strong appearance and lots of memory features for you to do the prolific works in comfort and ease. This model is made in a thin yet big design for you to use well. To judge easily, here are some main points of T480s review:

Processing Ability

This model appears with brilliant processing ability that makes it really fast and smoother than others. It on top has 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8650U processor that allows you to adapt the ThinkPad in every action smoothly.

Not only that it has an 8M smart cache option but also allows you to download files in greater access. This Lenovo ThinkPad T480smodel appears with great processing speed up to 4.2 GHz for building efficiency and speed of memory.

On top of that, the i7 core processor allows you to transfer more power when doing multitasking with 4 processor cores. It also allows you to feel the speed to do work at peace.

Storage SSD

With 500GB SSD storage, this model allows you to store more files and videos with no slowdown. The storage SSD allows you faster and smoother system response when using any software.

In addition, this feature helps the ThinkPad to avoid the snag of lag or buffer. It on top allows you to achieve smoother performance and faster loading times to open files in no time.

This storage SSD as well as makes sure you are downloading videos, pictures, and other files with no suffering. It on top gives you better storage space to secure any content at ease.

Display Design

Another big feature of the ThinkPad T480s model is its display design that allows you to see in precise adjustments. This model on top appears with 14 inches IPS Full HD picture quality for you to see big with a 4K quality.

But wait, that is not all. In Lenovo T480s vs T490 contest, the display of this T480 model appears in 1920×1080 resolutions that make it the winner. It also allows you to experience a realistic visual in perfect color and brightness. This Lenovo model’s display is touchable that allows you to easily control the settings with better sensitivity.

This model on top appears with a matte anti-glare screen that helps your eyes to see with no harmful radiation effects. It also helps to cut the reflections and glowers from the bright screen.

Memory Speed

If talking about T480s vs T450s, this model is a clear frontrunner. It appears with 2400 MHz memory speed for you to easily shift the larger files in no time. With this feature, this model tends to give you better clock speed to avoid the loading snag.

The memory speed on top allows you to enjoy the faster response to get rid of latency. This model memory speed as well as allow you to perform fine no matter how big size the file has.

This Lenovo model on top allows you to enjoy higher frequency that helps the processor and operating system to work faster under heavy pressure.

Outline and Looks

This ThinkPad T480s model comes with a black color cover that gives a very professional look to match with any work. With a precisely backlit keyboard, this model makes sure you are typing comfortably when doing serious tasks.

This Lenovo model on top allows you to enjoy stereo speakers that allow you to listen to music, video, or any sound related files with no snag. Besides, it has built-in 720p webcam with dual noiseless microphones to video chat without bother.

On the whole, this model is an ideal pick for any creative user who wants more features in a single pack. You can try this out for practical yet reliable ThinkPad to use many times.


  • This model has 4-in-1 reader ports to have MMC, SD, SDHC, and SDXC digital media reader.
  • It has Biometric Fingerprint Reader to simply lock the ThinkPad for higher security.
  • This model is 21 mil-spec tested for users to enjoy fine strength to stand in any state.
  • The T480s ThinkPad has Bluetooth 4.1 version and Wi-Fi to share files.
  • One of the coolest picks for the money.
  • It appears with 2 USB 3.1 ports for users to easily connect as many devices as possible.


  • We actually don’t like their client service who doesn’t reply fast.
  • This model doesn’t last for a longer period.

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Our Second Choice

Lenovo ThinkPad T480 Business Laptop– Reliable and Stable Pick to Try Out Now***

The Lenovo T480 ThinkPad appears with a trustworthy and stable design that allows you to get good constancy. This model also has better security features for you to defend your work from stealing or theft. To find more details, check out the main features:

Durability & Strength

This Lenovo T480 is rough and tough if talking about its durability. This model is actually stringent-tested for use in any condition that makes sure longer-lasting value than others.

Made for staying forever, this T480 model also makes sure higher reliability and toughness to stand against big impact or shock with its strong cover outline. This model on top allows no damage even if any physical attack occurs no matter how deep it faces still stay firm.

With its 9.15 length of ThinkPad, this model makes sure you achieve higher function and strength to fearlessly take anywhere with no break or crack.

Long Battery Life

This model comes with an amazing battery life that can stand up to 19.6 hours in a single charge. With this huge battery life, you can use this ThinkPad for many hours with no snag with the next charge.

And, this is just the beginning. This model on top comes with 3-cell 24 WHr and 3-cell 24 WHr Li-Ion battery support for you to enjoy faster charge benefits.

If taking about T480 Vs T490, this T480 model is the winner as it allows you to do random activities with longer battery life. And, you can also do your office work without the warning sign.

Sensible Price

This T480 ThinkPad comes at a decent price range for you to achieve fine quality and features that are hard to beat if comparing with most brands. Even though it isn’t the best in the whole world, still this model appears with great features that others may not have at a good price.

For this money, this model does stand in the higher place with amazing black color fishing and solid touchpad with180 degrees rotational body design. With tons of features, this portable ThinkPad T480 model allows you to enjoy great quality at a reasonable cost.

Big Ram Support

Amazingly, this ThinkPad T480 model appears with huge Ram support that allows you to enjoy up to 16GB to store any files with no limit. This thing not only allows you to download apps and keep them in the ThinkPad but also doesn’t affect the performance.

The 16GB Ram of this model has excellent DDR4 tech that allows this ThinkPad system to process well under heavy loads. Also, this model appears with 24 GB graphic card Ram size so that you can play games smoothly with no lag.

Effective Operating System

This ThinkPad T480 comes with the most common OS aka operating system called Windows 10 Pro. It on top allows you to access faster and run any files smoothly with no snag of slowdowns.

The windows 10 Pro version of this model allow you to run most apps smoothly to access output. It also makes sure the equal distribution of files, faster memory reading, and loading benefits.

With this operating system, this ThinkPad T480 model on top allows increased performance and accessibility to input data with no struggle.

In general, the T480 ThinkPad is a huge deal for anyone who wants slim and light laptops for their job use. It is good enough to try out for smooth access and good features at a fine price.


  • Good pick for the money.
  • This model has Windows 10 Pro OS for users to access or improves processing speed.
  • It appears with 16 RPM hard drive rotational speed to load files faster with no lag.
  • The T408 ThinkPad has a good cooling fan to never face the snag of overheat or burn.
  • This model has HD 720p webcam to free video chat with anyone in a good picture.
  • It has a 65W USB-C AC adapter to recharge faster by transferring better power.


  • We would love it more if this model is designed in light-weighted.
  • It isn’t portable.

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How To Choose The Best Option?

When thinking of picking one between the ThinkPad T480 and T480s, some people get confused as both models have good features and quality at a decent price. To shorten your pressure and research, here what you need to check for getting the best in both worlds:

Display Facts

The display is a good thing that allows you to view better even at a distance if it has a bigger screen and resolution. Mostly, you will be satisfied with a 14 inches display that gives you at least 1280×1024 resolutions to view from afar.

Basically, the bigger screen in the ThinkPad will give you higher screen viewing benefits. So, when thinking of picking T480 or T480s ThinkPad models, check their display features.

Performance Matters

Another big fact that will lead you to the finest ThinkPad is the performance of the T480 and T480s models. You see, the processing ability will give you better performance even if you are multitasking.

Yet, the Intel Core i7 and i5 are good processors that allow you to handle more things at one time. Still, the i7 core tends to do the works smoothly than the i5 core. So, based on the processor performance, pick the ThinkPad T480 and T480s models.

Storage Benefits

You definitely want to consider the storage benefits that will allow you to store as many contents as possible. The 256GB SSD storage will be okay for you to access a smoother response in ThinkPad.

Yet, if you prefer more smoothness when accessing or need more space to fill files, it’s better to go with a 500GB SSD storage. So, check the storage SSD of the ThinkPad T480 and T480s models before picking one.

Consider the Battery Life

A longer lasting battery life will give you higher facilitate to do any business work. In fact, ThinkPad with 15 hours of battery life will be enough for your everyday work.

Yet, if you like to spend more hours with your ThinkPad, then you definitely want 18 plus battery life. Before picking one, check the battery life of both T480 and T480s models.

Check the Build Quality

When choosing between the ThinkPad T480 and T480s models, you want to check the build quality of them. A good ThinkPad should be light, simple, and portable to use it freely. So, consider the build quality of them before choosing one.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

 Do both models have warranty benefits?

Both ThinkPad T480 and T480s models appear with warranty features but have different service time. The T480 model is protected with 1 year of warranty support.
If talking about Lenovo T470s vs T480s, the T480s ThinkPad has a better service life. It has 3 years of long quality assurance.
Even though both models’ brand is the Lenovo, still they have separate warranty benefits. Besides, both models come with 30 days of return benefits to have a good replacement.

Can I bend them in 360 degrees?

You see, both ThinkPad T480 and T480s have the benefits to rotate in a straight blend for a 180-degree angle. When it comes to 360 degrees bends, they don’t have the feature to fold in that way. Even though they have good bending smoothness, but will eventually crack if you push them further than their capability.

How long do they last?

 It actually depends 50% on how you actually treat them. You see, both ThinkPad T480 and T480s models have at least 5 years of lasting value with care. However, if you tend to use them daily for your office work with zero care, it may last for not more than 3 years.

Do Lenovo ThinkPad T480 and T480s models have USB-C Thunderbolt ports?

Yes, they do have. The ThinkPad T480 and T480s models appear with 3 USB-C Thunderbolt ports. These 3 Thunderbolt USB-C type ports allow users to enjoy higher bandwidth speeds up to 40GBPS to transfer data in 4X pace.

Wrap Up

And that was all about the clash between ThinkPad t480 vs t480s. We find both models pretty iconic in terms of usability, features, and price point to be honest. Both of the Lenovo starts have their own shining moments and also a few dark pitches.

However, the goods are overweighing the bad sides for sure. So, anyone who wants to try the T480 or T480s, or is already playing things safe. Because both of these popular models are quite full-filling features-wise as well as price-wise.