Thinkpad T480 vs T480s: Which One You Prefer?

Thinkpad T480 vs T480s

Are you looking for the best business-class ultrabook? Also, you want it to be cost-effective. Then the twins from the Thinkpad T-series should be your favorites.

The Lenovo Thinkpad T480s followed the T480 right after its’ release in January 2018. And as expected, the Thinkpad T480 vs T480s battle started creating a buzz.

In our article, we’re looking forward to holding a candle to measure their differences and similarities.

The Ultimate Comparison: ThinkPad T480 vs T480s

Their names may be similar. But there are some significant differences both in their appearances and performances. Now let’s compare them by evaluating their basic features:

Outward Appearance:

Weight3.49 lbs/ 1.58 kg2.90 lbs/ 1.31 kg
Dimensions (WxLxH)336mm x 232.5mm x 19.95mm331mm x 226.8mm x 18.45mm
Display Cover material:Magnesium hybrid or PPSCFRP hybrid or ABS plastic.
Bottom material:Glass fiber Reinforced PlasticMagnesium
ColorsBlackBlack / Silver
Ports On Right Hand Side1.  4 in 1 SDcard Reader

2. RJ45 Ethernet Jack

3. HDMI 1.4b

4. Two USB 3.1 5. Combo jack for Headphone or Microphone

1. 3.0 USB (Gen 1)

2.Vent system

Ports On Left Hand Side1. 3.0  USB Type-C (Gen 1)

2. 3.0 USB Type-C (Gen 2) or

Thunderbolt-3 port

3. Ethernet extension

4. Nano SIM slot

5.One Smart card reader

1. 4 in 1 SD card reader

2. Headphone /Microphone combo port

3. 3.0 USB Gen 1 (always on)

4. HDMI 1.4b

5.Ethernet (RJ45)

6. Two Type –C port (Gen 1 & Gen 2)

7. Thunderbolt 3

SD card SlotFull sizeMicro size

Differences in Configurations

RAM32 GB max / 2400 MHz4 GB/8GB memory soldered,

24 GB max / 2133 MHz

RAM SlotTwo DDR4 SO-DMMI socketsOne DDR4 SO-DMMI socket
Storage·         To 1 TB OPAL2 M.2 SSD extent

·         To 1 TB HDD extent


To 1 TB SSD PCIe SSD extent
BatteryIntegrated Li-ion 24Wh battery,

External removable Li-ion 24-72 Wh battery,

Integrated Li-ion 57Wh battery,

No external battery

Display14” / 355 mm (1366 x 768)14”/ 355mm (1920 x 1080)
GraphicsUHD graphics 620HD graphics 620

Similarities in Configurations:

You can find more similarities than differences in the two 14” ultrabooks. From the operating system to the camera, such features include here.

The Operating System:

Both the T480 and T480S laptops primarily use the Windows 10 home as an operating system. You can upgrade it up to the Windows 10 pro-64-bit.

The Processor:

Primarily you can get the two with an Intel Core i5 processor. Also, it can be upgraded up to 8th generation Intel Core i7 with vPro.

Audio System:

For the audio option, the T480 and the T480S use Dolby Audio Premium and Dual –Arry microphones.

The Power Supply:

The pair has a Type-C connection for charging. The power cable comes with a 65-watt power adapter.


The couple uses the 720 HD camera with a think shutter. There is also an optional IR camera.

More About Thinkpad T480:

The T480 Thinkpad is the bulkiest of all the 14” laptops.  But we can say that it is the most travel-friendly laptop. As you can use it in your business trips without charging the battery for a long time.

Random Access Memory (RAM):

Primarily this ThinkPad comes with a 4GB memory.  Its CPU has two slots for the RAM. That’s why we can develop it up to 32 GB memory. People working in the software development field can make good use of this huge memory.


You can customize its’ graphics card into NVIDIA GeForce Mx150. But it is only possible with the i7 models in EMEA.


The T480 comes with a removable battery along with an internal battery. The duo works as a bridge battery system. In this system, you can swap the external battery at any time with another one. You can use either a 24Wh, a 48Wh, or a 72Wh battery. It helps the user to use the laptop 30 hours (24Wh+ 72Wh) without charging.


It has an anti-glare, LED backlight display. It also has 220 nits, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 400:1 contrast ratio.

The display comes with either a touch screen or a non-touch screen. There are two variations of a touch screen display. One has a 14” HDTN display, and the other has a 14”  FHD IPS screen.

Also, the non-touch screen comes with two varieties. One with the 14” FHD IPS display and the other with the WQHD IPS cover.

More About Thinkpad T480s:

The T480S may be the expensive one. But it worths the price because of the service. It is comparatively lighter and slimmer. But that doesn’t mean it is less capable.

The RAM:

It comes with an 8GB memory, which we can increase up to 24GB.


T480s comes with the integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics card.  Also, you can enable the NVIDIA GeForce Mx150  in this model. But we are afraid that it is not available in EMEA.


The T480S has a 57Wh battery, which lasts for 15.6 hours. There is no external battery in the ThinkPad t480s.


It has an anti-glare, LED backlight display. It also has 220 nits, 16:9 aspect ratio, 700:1 contrast ratio, and 170o viewing angle.

Also, this version has both touch-sensitive and non-touch sensitive display editions. The touch-sensitive version has two types of screens. One with a 14” HD IPS cover and the other one with 14” FHD IPS array.

The non-touch sensitive version comes with a 14” WQHD IPS display.


Though the names are similar, their purposes could be different. While working on this epic tech battle between Thinkpad T480 vs T480s, we came to some conclusions.

The  T480 is more of a travel laptop. It ensures a bulky memory and long-lasting battery support. On the other hand, the T480s notebook is more of a lighter everyday useable device.

Whether you choose the T480 or the T480s, they both offer a fabulous service.

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