Apple Pencil Vs Logitech Crayon ­– The Better Half of Your iPad Drawing Needs?

Taking notes or simply loving to draw are two things many iPad users find important to do. And to make that chore easier, simpler, and convenient, you can for sure think about including a first-gen Apple Pencil. Now there’s another crowd that will shake their head and recommends Logitech Crayon. Obviously, both of these are fantastic and making users terribly in love with using them.

However, the scenario for a consumer who is caught in between these both isn’t very sweet. And that’s when this comparison of Apple pencil Vs Logitech crayon can be a tad bit helpful, we really hope so.

The whole piece of writing will talk through several points where we’ll be comparing both sides of stories for each of these rivals. And by both sides, we mean pointing out the negatives as well as applauding for their strong points. So, are you ready to dig deep into the complete matter with us?

Differences Of The Apple Pencil Vs Logitech Crayon

Apple Pencil

Logitech Crayon

175.7 mm from tip to cap 163 mm
Body Materials
Finished with white plastic Made out of aluminum, silicon rubber, PC, and ABS materials
Pen-like design with a comfortable grip Flatter and roll-proof design
Sensitive to pressure for artistic arts No pressure sensitivity
Battery Life
Up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge Up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge
No warranty support 3 years of quality assurance
Needs pairing with individual iPad or iPad Pro No need for pairing for using in any 6th generation iPad

Our Best Pick: Apple Pencil (1st Generation)– Natural Smoothness Of A Traditional Writing Tool

Unlike others, the Apple Pencil 1 is responsive, precise, and natural velvetiness to draw well. It is also versatile and durable. This digital pencil is great for professional artists to cozily paint and bring the best out of their imagination without any sort of obstacle.


The Apple Pencil is 175.7 mm if measured from tip to cap and light in weight. It is also designed in a smooth white plastic cylinder with a matte finish. This digital pencil as well gives a smooth feel to your grip to control drawing well with more freedom.

Not only that it has a plastic tip but also offers a detachable rear cap with a lighting adapter. Apple made this digital pencil by thinking of the comfort of users. This digital pencil has great smoothness and a low-weight feel to grip for painting comfort.

In addition to that, this digital pencil is easy to control on iPads for drawing thin and thick lines. Since the design of this pencil is small and sleek, it feels good when painting. Even if using for a long hour, still the Apple Pencil feels smooth to sketch.

Pressure Sensitivity

Another great factor of this pencil is the pressure sensitivity. The Apple Pencil has a great design that allows your hand to easily draw at low force. It as well has great tilt sensitivity just like a usual pencil. This digital pencil also allows angle and press of the tip to draw comfortably.

But wait, that’s not all. This digital pencil offers good responsive to pressure and tilts well. It as well allows great writing and drawing feel on iPads. With this feature, this digital pencil allows shading and highlighting well.

It as well provides a great range of artistic effects to art well. Also, if comparing sensitivity between Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon 2020, it will be the winner. This digital pencil also offers great adjustments benefits.

Long Battery Life

Wonderfully, the Apple Pencil comes with great battery life with charging benefits. This digital pencil would last for up to 12 hours at a full charge. It also allows you to use a good while for drawing freely.

This digital pencil as well comes with great power charging benefits which take 10 seconds to give you 30 minutes of runtime. Also, it takes 2 minutes to give you a good hour of runtime. And, you can get 10 hours of runtime after charging for 15 minutes.

Apple is well-known for its great charging system to use as fast as possible. This digital pencil also offers a lighting cable to charge well. The charging cable and adapter are easy to store in a small place too so less hassle to deal with here.


The Apple Pencil is compatible with a great range of 6th generation iPads to use well. With great strengths, this digital pencil delivers great functionalities to use on creative works. It also allows use with any third-party apps for painting.

This digital pencil as well offers great technology and design that allow you to simply art your imagination with better control. It also allows you to do professional arts with no struggle. This digital pencil also offers detailed edits and changes.

No matter what types of art you like to draw, this digital pencil gives great hand position. It as well allows drawing arts in Evernote or OneNote comfortably. With this Apple Pencil, your art will be comprehensive.


When it comes to precision or accuracy, the Apple Pencil stands on top. This digital pencil offers a light-weighting and fool-proof design to write or draw like using a real instrument. It also allows you to control well.

Plus, this digital pencil comes with low latency that allows you to write on the iPad comfortably with full movement. It also allows good pictures to be painted in low latency. This digital pencil as well ensures good handling.

We are not through yet. This digital pencil comes with great precision and accuracy to pull out art to the pixel. It as well comes with great angling and lining thickness benefits even if drawing for the first time.


  • Great for writing and sketch.
  • This digital pencil has a replaceable spare tip.
  • It offers a charging adapter.
  • This digital pencil is precise and accurate.
  • It has a nice weight to art well.
  • Easy to use on tablets or iPads.


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t have warranty options.
  • This digital pencil doesn’t connect to iPhone 10.

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Our Second-Best Pick: Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil– Tough Option for Easy Draw

The Logitech Crayon is our second favorite option for simple painting. It is also tough with 4 ft drop protection to art well. And, this digital pencil has palm rejection tech for effortless draws.


Made out of aluminum material, the Logitech Crayon is 163 mm long. It as well comes with carpenter style sharpness with a decent flatness to easily art on iPad with no struggle. This digital pencil also allows good fitting in your hand.

It as well has a silicon rubber cap that will avoid sweat and grip slipping struggles. This digital pencil is also tough to withstand any impact attacks. And, it offers light metal build to simply touch the surface with no heavy feel.

Amazingly, the orange tip and cap make it easy to spot even in a bag or case. This digital pencil is really friendly in design to use well. It as well comes with a firm surface that won’t break or crack even if falling. Also, the design makes it easy for storing in a secure place.


The Logitech Crayon is simple to use even if it doesn’t offer a quick start guide in the box.  It as well comes with a great guide that can be found in the Logitech website in the support menu. This guide simply shows what you should do for connecting well.

Even though you won’t need the guide for using it, this helps a lot for exploring interesting tricks. This digital pencil also comes with the finest battery LED indicator for you to know the state of battery charging. This functionality helps to learn when to charge.

Not only that this digital pencil has a great functionalities setup but also doesn’t need Bluetooth and manual pairing access. It as well offers great indication with ease of usage. This digital pencil has great precision and drawing ease.

Quality Assurance

Compared to others, the Logitech Crayon comes with 3 years of quality assurance for users to enjoy a decent replacement. This digital pencil can be used up to a certain time with great repair and refund benefit. This thing also ensures solving troubles.

Even though this digital pencil is in fault, you still can get a repair to find new age and functionalities. This thing also allows you to simply get a decent replacement from the Logitech brand.

It as well ensures you simply cover any problem that occurs in the warranty lifetime. Also, the Apple Pencil doesn’t have warranty support. And, the Logitech Crayon warranty lifetime benefit makes sure good shell life.

Price Range

Usually, the Logitech Crayon price is affordable and budget-friendly compared to others. This digital pencil has great features and a quality feel to be used in iPads comfortably. Even though it lacks in some factor, we can forgive due to the affordable price range.

This digital pencil is designed uniquely with great durability to last a long while. It as well ensures giving a great hand to your daily drawing by adding good edges. This pencil also makes sure giving a better grip to use well.

Quite different from Apple Pencil, the Logitech Crayon is excellent in the price range. Even though both digital pencils have a similar price point, but the Logitech Crayon comes in a low range. And, the value of this crayon is worthy.


One of the coolest aspects about the Logitech Crayon which people find interesting is the compatibility. This digital pencil is designed to be compatible with most devices with no struggle of Bluetooth or other pairing complexity.

You see, this digital pencil is suitable with every single iPad currently available including modern to latest versions. It as well allows you to simple use the 2nd generation iPad with no struggle. Also, this Crayon is compatible with the current iPad mini and iPad Air.

But it won’t support the older versions of iPads to use well. This Crayon pencil is also great for using in any models that are updated to iOS 12.2 and above. It also works well on 7th generation iPads.


  • This digital pencil is affordable.
  • It is simple to hold and use.
  • It is solid and firm to last long.
  • This digital pencil is light and portable.
  • It doesn’t require pairing to access.


  • Sadly, this digital pencil has no pressure sensitivity.
  • Some people find it not comfortable.

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Last Comments Of Both Digital Pencils

Many people get into a big argument when picking a winner out of Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon. After checking this guide, you are able to learn your ideal type.

Basically, both Apple Pencil and Logitech Crayon are fine for drawing lines or arts. Yet, we choose Apple Pencil over Logitech Crayon for its rareness and facilities.

Apple Pencil is made glossy and firm to hold cozily. And, the pressure sensitivity of it is excellent for pro-like sketches. Plus, this digital pencil offers longer battery life and features. Yet, this model isn’t protected with a warranty.

Logitech Crayon is good for easy drawing as a beginner. This digital pencil is also inexpensive and tough. Yet, it lacks battery life to use a long time comfortably.

If you are looking for a digital pencil for expert artistic works, then the Apple Pencil is the best pick. Yet, if you want affordable Apple Pencil alternatives, then the Logitech crayon is a good choice.