How to Mail Merge from Excel to Word Just Like That!

In terms of handling large mailings, one rea time saver thing to do is merging mail from except to word. This enables the possibility of making custom mailing labels emails and of course letters. You just need to learn the proper way of how to mail merge from excel to word. And the information will be available in Word for further use.

It’s one of the most beneficial ways for those who need to make personalized documents and then use those through an automatic variation on basis of recipient to recipient. Merging this way is nothing too critical nor does it take a huge amount of time.

In fact, it’s something you can get over with the quickest. You just need to know about the overview of the main feature and that’s exactly what we will be doing in today’s written tutorial. Hope It Helps!

How to Mail Merge From Excel to Word

We will be giving a detailed step by step guideline below. So even the most beginner users will find zero trouble at following it. Keep on Reading…

Create A Document

If you are struggling on how to mail merge from Excel to Word, then start with creating a document. Yes, you’ll need that.

You can also use an older Word document or make a new one. Also, ensure your Excel spreadsheet is all ready and reviewed. This way you can easily run the mail merge.

Choose a Merge Type

To know how to mail merge in Word, you need to choose a merge type to use. For choosing, you need to click on the Mailings bar. There you will find the Start Mail Merge group that helps to merge rightly.

Depending on what type of Word document you have, choose one. There you will find Letters, Email Messages, Labels, Envelopes, and so on bars to pick.

For example, if you want to mail merge word labels, then click on Labels to process. We are also showing the following process by choosing Letters.

Choose A Recipients Type

Next to the Start Mail Merge group bar, you will see the Select Recipients option to choose one. There you will find Type New List, Use Existing List, and Select From Outlook Contents.

Depending on your file type, you need to pick one. We are going with the Use Existing List to open for the continuing following processes.

Connect Your Excel And Word

Once you have done picking a recipient of mail merge from excel to word letter, now it’s time to link. You need to link your Excel and Word.

By doing so, you can have a mail merge data source always linked with Excel and Word each time you upgrade the details. Also, if you make any changes to your document, it will be updated to Excel files.

You will also need to open your Excel sheet by browsing in the Select Data Source box. And then, a Select Table will pop-up where you can use one by clicking OK.

Click On Edit Recipient List

If you need to add some of your Excel entries, then pressing on the Edit Recipient List will do the job well. The Mail Merge recipients’ dialog will pop up so that you can edit well. You can easily add or remove your Excel entries by clicking on the empty checkbox.

Amazingly, there is a sort, filter, and dedupe option for you to easily find out the email addresses of Excel entries. After adding all the essential entries, you will need, just click on OK to save.

Now, you have done with the recipient’s list and all set to move on to the next stage. Just like you usually do, try to write something in a Word document from an external source.

Insert Placeholders

After editing recipients, you may want to add placeholders which will help you sorting every detail for a mail merge. You see, by adding placeholders, you will know rightly wherever to insert the data.

For adding a placeholder, you need to click on the Mailings button and then press Address Block which is under Write & Insert Fields toolbox. Based on what type of placeholder you are including, a box will pop-up with many choices.

Just go for what you want in your mail merge and confirm the results by pressing OK. Before doing so, ensure to check the Preview section to see the result. Also, try using the right and left arrows to easily see the next recipients or the previous ones in preview.

After you have done with the corresponding placeholder, there will be Address Block and Greeting Line. Adding the Address Block and Greeting Line will be enough for your letters. After that, if you print out the letters, all the details will be the same apart from the recipient’s data.

For those who want to place the recipient’s names and addresses, the Insert Merge Field is the right bar. You can easily personalize all the recipient’s details by clicking to Insert merge field and pick from the given list.

Sample The Letters

Next, you need to preview the letters. You definitely need to double-check whether the given details that will appear in the letters are accurate or not. For that, click on the Preview Results button that will show all the recipient’s data in the letter.

This way you can rightly check the recipient’s data in the letters if anything is missing or error. For your ease of usage, you can also shift to the next and previous letter by using left & right arrows. It will help you check out the recipient’s data faster.

Finish Mail Merge

Once previewing all the recipient’s names and addresses is done, you need to finish the mail merge. After fully checking all the details, you need to move to the Finish group. There you want to click on the Finish & Merge button to ensure the ending process.

Also, this bar allows you to simply print the letters on a drive or post them as an email message at ease. Before printing or emailing, you can also make some edits by clicking on the Edit Individual Documents.

After that, you will see a new document is popped up to easily make any changes you want in each letter.

Save The Document

The last process is to save the mail merge document. By saving the mail merge file, you can find the details in your drive easily. Just keep the mail merge file by pressing the Save button or click Ctrl + S on your keyboard.

The moment you save your Word document file, it will be in your computer Excel mailing list. In fact, you can open the mail merge document again. All you need to do is to click Yes and a Microsoft Word box will appear to ensure the connection.

There is a Mail Merge Wizard option in Microsoft Excel to give exactly the same features as Mail Merge. You can create the wizard by clicking on the Mailings and then press on Start Mail Merge. Next, click on Step-By-Step Mail Merge Wizard.

After clicking on it, the Mail Merge Wizard will be launch on the right side of your screen. You can easily select the Letters, E-mail Messages, Envelopes, Labels, and Directory step-by-step. By using Mail Merge Wizard, you will find easiness as all merge options can be view at once.


For an office worker to content writer, the mail merges from Excel to Word is a real time-saving trick. Yet, many people look for the solution of how to mail merge from Excel to Word in the right way.

The mail merge helps a lot to create custom letters, emails, or other works in Word faster. It as well helps to merge the data you already have in your Excel. When sending larger mailings, mail merge plays a good role.

Thus, we advise following all the steps and tricks given above for avoiding mistakes. We hope you have learned the steps of mail merge from Excel to Word. And, hope you’ll try the given tricks. Good Look!