How to Transfer Data from One Internal Hard Drive to Another

Suddenly you are caught in between a very usual but irritating issue. Your long time used internal drive is showing weird problems. This could be because of an exciting virus attack or simply due to less storage space available. or perhaps some other hardware problem is creating a hassle. No matter what at case scenario looks like, one thing that shows up most often as the solution is upgrading the hard drive. Since even if you manage to fix the problem, for now, it can reappear again. And so, the best thing to do is upgradation.

However, with upgradation you come across another problem. You now have to find out how to transfer data from one internal hard drive to another. And that can be something you’ve never tried before. That’s when today’s piece of writing will be your savior!

Here’s How to Transfer Data from One Internal Hard Drive to Another

Thankfully, there’s not just one but quite a few ways of transforming data from one to another internal hard drive. Below let’s go through the most useful ones.

Transfer Data Via Windows Easy Transfer

Among all, the easiest method to transfer data from one internal hard drive to another can be done via Windows Easy Transfer. This method is good if your computer OS is Windows 7 or 8.

Also, you will be notified after transferring data from one to another hard drive with a good list of programs you want to install. So, read down below to do the process rightly:

Launch the Tool

After connecting an external hard drive to your PC or laptop, click on the Windows button on your keyboard. Next, you need to type Windows Easy Transfer and open the tool.

Select A Hard Drive

Then, wait for launching the Windows Easy Transfer and hit on Next to carry on. You will notice a pop-up window in the screen. After that, click an external hard disk or USB flash drive.

Follow The Instruction

Next, you need to follow what the instruction suggests. And, transfer your selected documents, photos, videos, and other contents from an internal hard drive to the external one.

Transfer Data To Another Internal Hard Drive

After transferring all the data to an external hard drive, shut down your computer. And then, take out your old internal hard drive with a new one. Turn on your computer and open Windows Easy Transfer to move the data on the new internal hard drive.

Transfer Data Via MiniTool Partition Wizard

If you don’t want to waste more time transferring internal hard drive data from another, then MiniTool Partition Wizard is an ideal alternation. It is a partition manager for Windows to increase disk performance.

Also, MiniTool Partition Wizard is a strong disk cloning option to simply upgrade the hard drive and back up. To know the process of transferring data via MiniTool Partition Wizard, check the given steps:

Open The Tool

You need to connect an external or USB hard drive to your computer before starting the process. Then, launch the MiniTool Partition Wizard. And, right-click on your internal hard drive. After that, select copy.

Select External Hard Drive

Then, you need to select your external hard drive in the pop-up bar as the target disk. This way you can save all your data easily. After that, hit on Next to proceed.

Use a Copy Method

Now, you need to choose a copy method and click next. Then, you will see a pop-up box with options. Depending on your hard disk type, you need to select the options.

If your internal hard disk is SSD type, then select Align partitions to 1 MB. Or else, click on Use GUID Partition Table for the target disk. This way you can simply copy files from one drive to another.

Also, you need to select Fit partitions to the entire disk or Copy partitions without resizing for the best way to copy files from one drive to another. Depending on your requirement, you need to choose one. After selecting, read all the details and click finish.

Secure Data To External Hard drive

Now, you need to click on Apply in the toolbar to ensure copying your internal hard drive safely. This way your data counting documents, operating system, personal files, and other files will be transferred to the external hard drive easily.

After clicking Apply, you just need to wait until the work completed. Once your data is copied, you have to shut down your PC. Then, take out the old internal hard drive with a new one. And then, turn on the PC and launch MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Next, copy data from the external hard drive to your new internal one. Then, you are able to use the new hard drive without reinstalling the OS.

Transfer Data Via Copy & Paste

Another method to transfer data from one internal hard drive to another is copy & paste. This method works on smaller files more than bigger data. But it can cause data loss if you transfer bigger files.

Also, it will take lots of time and energy. If you want to transfer of 20GB data from an internal hard drive to another, then copy & paste is a good option. This method is simple and easy. To know the processes, read down below:

Select an Empty Partition

Find an empty partition in your computer to continue the process. If you can’t find an empty partition, then create a new one on your PC drive for data saving.

Copy All the Data

Next, open your old internal hard drive and select all the existing files by pressing Ctrl + A or select a single file. Then, click Ctrl + C to copy the selected files.

Paste the Selected Data

Then, just paste selected files to the other internal hard drive. You can also press Ctrl + V for paste. Then, wait for completing copy & paste process.

Transfer Data Via MiniTool ShadowMaker

Conversely, one more way of how to transfer data from one internal hard drive to another can be done via MiniTool ShadowMaker. To move data via MiniTool ShadowMaker, check the following steps:

Open the App

Use a new hard drive to your PC via a hard drive adapter. Then, download and install MiniTool ShadowMaker. And, launch the app. Then, hit on Connect.

Select Clone Disk

After that, you need to click on Tools from the tool window. And then, click the Clone Disk feature.

Follow The Wizard To Finish Process

You need to select the source and target disks. After that, do what the wizard suggests and finish the disk cloning process. Then, take out the old internal hard drive and replace it with a new one.

Transfer Data Via Microsoft OneDrive

The last method to transfer data is Microsoft OneDrive. If you have more storage to secure, then pay $7 for 1 TB per month. For transferring data from one internal drive to another, look into the following steps:

Create Folder To Save Files

Firstly, open the OneDrive service and then right-click to select Folder. This way you can create a folder for saving your data.

Move Data From Internal Drive To OneDrive

Drag files and folders to shift data from an internal drive to OneDrive. Check your internet speed to move data faster.

Replace Older Hard Drive With New One

After transferring data, shut down your computer. Then, replace your older hard drive with a new one.

Final Words

Data transferring from an internal hard drive to another is a critical process that needs a good sense of techniques. The given 5 methods are useful to show how to transfer data from one internal hard drive to another.

Depending on your device and other terms, you need to upgrade to the newer version of the internal hard drive before transferring. Thus, we suggest you read out the user guide of Windows technical experts first and then try out the given techniques.

In this guide, we have given you all the details with effective methods to transfer data in a secure manner. And, hope you’ll try them out. Best Of Luck!