Asus Vs MSI Motherboard | In-depth Comparison of Two Market Leaders

asus vs msi motherboard

When it comes down to building PC with a top-notch motherboard, doesn’t matter whether is for gaming or other use, there are some brands that come into our mind. The list is long, there are a bunch of brands which have always proven themselves to be worthy of big investment.

And among them, the most popular two are Asus and MSI. Finding people who haven’t heard of these two brands is really hard (people related to PC and all). We have seen people getting super confused choosing motherboards from these two brands. And that is so obvious, both are equally good.

That being said, in this very guide, we are going to make an overall comparison of these two markets. We are going to compare the price, performance, look, etc.

It will be a short guide, it hardly will take 10-minutes of your life. So don’t go anywhere, pull the chair, and sit tight.

Let’s get started then!

Short Comparison of ASUS vs MSI Motherboard




Allows you to customize your own color combinationNo option for customization, but looks very classy.


Well known for providing incredible stability in most of their models.Offers good performance but only in high-end models.


Providing with the best UEFI experience for over 5-years.Not as granular as ASUS offers, still it is decent.


Comes with their own list of software.This also has its own list of software.

An Overall Comparison of ASUS Vs MSI

As mentioned above, these two brands are market leaders. They have histories of dominating the market without of the box motherboards. So in this guide, you might not see big differences between these two models. But yes, there are some slight differences which we are going to discuss.


There was a time when people didn’t give a shit about the aesthetic of parts inside the CPU case. That was valid since no one is going to uncover the CPU to see how things look. Things that did matter than was the aesthetic of the monitor and the CPU case.

But now time has passed. And now we are in a more developed era. Nowadays companies are bringing jaw-dropping CPU cases that are transparent. Literally, everything inside the case can be seen. People are now adding RGB cooling fans, incredible liquid cooling systems, etc. to make the CPU look like a pure beast (especially gamers).

Therefore, now the aesthetic of whatever inside the CPU case matters. If we talk about the look of these two brand motherboards, both come with a great look. Both of them are bringing new stunning color combinations every year and people are loving that as well.

But if we compare these two brands, MSI wins the battle. Not because their color combinations are better than ASUS. When you go for ASUS motherboards, there are varieties of color options to choose from. But when you go for MSI, they allow you to customize the color according to your needs. That enables you to decorate your CPU with the preferred color.

Let clear one thing, that doesn’t mean ASUS providing boring color, their designs and color combinations are also great.


When we talk about performance, Asus and MSI, both are incredible performers. From low-end to high-end, both brands come with impeccable performances. And obviously, high-end models will perform better than low-end models. Let us clear one thing, by the performance we are talking about the stability since that is what matters the most when it comes down to a satisfying browsing experience.

The stability of ASUS is incredible, they have a whole history of being extremely stable. Moreover, in order to satisfy the overclocker, they even have introduced Apex motherboards. These motherboards are specially designed for professionals.

Having that said, the stability of MSI is not avoidable as well. Their top-tier motherboards are extremely stable but this kind of stability you will enjoy in their expensive models. So if we overall, definitely ASUS comes on top with no doubt.


Have you heard of UEFI? The abbreviation is the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. If you have been in the PC market for any length of time, you must have heard. Once motherboards used to come with BIOS. But now UEFL has completely replaced that. With UEFL you can control your motherboard better and granularly.

However, both the ASUS and MSI are working pretty hard to improve their UEFL. That being said, in this ASUS have been killing it for over 5-years now with their improved UEFI, they are giving the best experience to the users. And the best part is, forgetting the full advantage of the ASUS UEFI the user doesn’t have to have a lot of knowledge, they can be easily defined. Hence giving the user a very satisfying experience.

Hence, here ASUS takes the Cake again!


Once the software didn’t play any role in helping the motherboard becomes what it is now. Both were different from each other. But as time passed and technology has improved, now the software does play a big role in overall use. Now both the hardware and the software are very interconnected to each other. Hardware is good when that is accompanied by good software, so now both matters a lot.

ASUS has a list of their very own software and so do the MSI. Asus comes with a host of an important software solution that allows users to control the motherboard very satisfyingly when they are on Windows. MSI has the software solution as well, but it can provide the granular control that you can get from the mighty ASUS.

Asus has a software called ASUS AL Suite 3, this is one of the most granular software in the market. And the reason is, it allows you to control how your motherboard and other related components will work. Therefore, you having the best experience. So once again, give it up for the ASUS.


We are at the end. And still, we are going to say both are top-notch models. But compared to MSI, ASUS is a little better when it comes down to stability and UEFI. The price of both motherboards is pretty close, but MSI tends to charge more price than the ASUS.

However, hope you have enjoyed the ASUS vs MSI motherboard comparison. If you have any thoughts on this comparison, please do not hesitate to hit the comment button.


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