I7 9700K VS I9 9900K: Who Surpasses the Clash?

i7 9700k vs i9 9900k

With so many modern technologies doing there best to bring some really cool models of processors to make gamers as well as professional users satisfied with good speed, performance, and everything, there’s a lot of models that fail to give what they claim.

Intel is probably the best company out there that focuses on all of these things. Today we are presenting a debate for who’s the best with two of the greatest processors. Yes, we are talking about a comparison battle between i7 9700k VS i9 9900k. Enjoy!

i7 9700k VS i9 9900k Comparison Table

Intel Core i7-9700K ProcessorIntel Core i9-9900K Processor

Smart Cache

This brand has 12 MB of smart cache for smarter and quicker sharing things.Usually, it has 16 MB of smart cache to give game lovers experience of better CPU process.

Max CPU Frequency

On top, it comes with maximum CPU frequency for up to 4.90 GHz speed.The Intel Core i9 series has 5.00 GHz speed maximum CPU frequency for smoother PC route.

Processor Cores/Threads

Intel Core i7 series has 8 processing Cores & 8 processing threads to multi-process at once.It comes with a total of 8 processor count & 16 processing threads for professional use.

Performance Level

This processor has a moderate level of performance for gaming professionals.The i9 processor has high performance for Challenging-level Gaming experience.

Base Frequency

It has a 3.6 GHz speed of base frequency for increasing the speed of CPU workloads.This series of Intel Core processors has a 3.6 GHz base clock frequency.

Price Point

The i7-9700k has a good price point for easy & trouble-free usage.It is expensive than the i7-9700k processor.

Factors of Intel Core i7-9700K Processor

Do you want to learn about the i7-9700k processors working? The i7-9700K processor has a high performance and sensible technology for users to play games, music and other media. Yet, here are some facts of Intel Core i7-9700K processor:

Highest Frequency

It has an option to provide a base efficiency of 4.90 GHz speed for experiencing smooth and fast working of PC. But wait there’s more, this 9th generation processor has unlocked & unleashed option for any PC admirer to do multi-task with no worry of overheated processor.

Accessibility of Smart Cache

On top, the i7-9700k series processor has a great smart cache option for accessing faster sharing media like the speed of thunder. In fact, it has up to 12 MB of smart cache that helps to increases the PC’s process faster.

RAM Support

The i7-9700k Intel Core brand comes with higher RAM support for viewing 4D data and 3D video in any version of Windows. Plus, it has DDR4 memory capacity with two channels for 8 GB of RAM support for making desktop functions work faster.

Display and Features

Besides, the i7 product has good display and features to support any format with 8 Cores and 8 threads. Plus, it is suitable to Intel Optane memory and Intel UHD Graphics 630 for better gaming experience full HD picture.

Overall Performance

The i7-9700K Intel Core has a high performance and sensible technology for users to play games, music or create content whenever they wish. In fact, it is one of the popular processors that are made of STIM for lessening CPU heat generated from the processor to the cooler.

Factors of Intel Core i9-9900K Processor

To begin with, the Intel Core i9-9900K processor has good memory capacity and high-end graphics support for CPU to view better picture quality.

Besides, it is suitable for doing several tasks without turning down other apps. Without wasting any further time, let’s get into some key factors of this processor:

Highest Frequency

The i9-9900k has great power of CPU workings that allow a user to enjoy several actions without sacrificing gaming experience. Besides, it has for up to 5.00 GHz frequency speed for getting smooth working of PC.

Accessibility of Smart Cache

No doubt about it, the Intel Core i9 processor has better smart cache than the i7 version. In fact, it comes with 16 MB of smart cache option to create more room for providing access to the cache. Also, it helps the PC process to respond faster with its bigger size memory.

RAM Support

Besides, the i9-9900k processor comes with DDR4-2666 memory compatibility for supporting any extra format. Plus, it has 128 GB of memory with two channels for transferring data super faster.

Display and Features

Intel Core i9 processor has 9th generation technology for providing good graphics with features so that the user can experience high-resolution videos and other media. Besides, it is suitable for Intel UHD Graphics 630 and Intel Optane Memory to vary the setup for the device interface. Plus, the i9 processor can deliver fast and good quality performance for 3D playback, Quick Sync Video & HD video.

Overall Performance

The 9900k processor of the Intel Core brand has smart technology with SITM to transfer the heating system of processor for balancing temperature under any workload. Plus, it has an LGA 1151 socket with 95W TDP for faster working with no worry of PC’s temperature.

Who Is the Winner?

You might be wondering in i7 9700k VS i9 9900k debates, which one is the real winner. In our experience, we find both products good for different reasons. As for the i7-9700k processor, it has good value, fine performance, and average base frequency.

On the other hand, the i9 processor has the highest maximum frequency, professional-level performance, and good processing Cores/ Threads. If we look at the price point, the i7 processor is better. But, if we talk about effectiveness and endurance, the i9 processor gets the crown.


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