DDR3 VS DDR3L RAM – The Comparison Clash of 2022

People are almost always on your desktop or PC for so many reasons. It could be for gaming or maybe watching late-night YouTube series. No matter what purpose you have, there’s going to be a great lack of performance and lagging when the right RAM isn’t around with you.

Best RAM isn’t only meant for gaming and fun, some professionals also need to think about it for their work life. So, for that reason, we are going to talk about two brilliant regular RAMS that are bare minimum but best in basics.

Yes, today’s comparison clash is between, DDR3 VS DDR3L RAM.

DDR3 VS DDR3L RAM Comparison Table

DDR3 Memory

DDR3L Memory

Voltage Power
Usually, the DDR3 SD module requires 1.5V single Voltage power to work. The DDR3L SD module needs only 1.35V & 1.5V Dual Voltage power for working on less heat generated.
Memory Density
It has up to 8 GB of memory density. Actually, it comes with an average of 8 GB of memory density for standard workings.
Suitable On
DDR3 RAM is convenient on personal computers, CPUs & servers workings. DDR3L RAM is great on laptops, mobile devices & embedded systems.
Heat Generation
On top, the DDR3 RAM produces high heat generation compare to DDR3L. It generates less heat for balancing the temperature of desktop.
It comes with an affordable price tag. The DDR3L RAM is expensive than the DDR3 RAM.

The Whole Story Of DDR3 RAM

The DDR3 memory aka Double Data Rate Type 3 is a popular model that most laptops use as the RAM. Plus, it was released in 2007 with specific features for users to enjoy up to 8 GB of memory density. For better understanding, here are some main facts of this RAM:

Voltage Power

At first, this module has greater voltage power with 1.5 V voltages for working faster and smoother. Plus, it offers the highest transfer rate of 6400 MB per second. Besides, it has 800, 1066 & 2133 MHz speed of clock base frequency.

Heat Generated

Since the DDR3 SDRAM has higher voltage power, it works on higher heat generation on a CPU or laptop. For that reason, it gives a better speed for producing higher heat generation.

Price Point

The DDR3 module has a good price point with lots of positive features for users to experience better PC memory support. Plus, it has less than 60 dollars on average for any user to get.

RAM Usage

In addition, the DDR3 module has good facilities for using it on any personal computer and laptop. Besides, it gives full support on PCs memory for doing multi-procedure and gaming at the same time.


Top 3 DDR3 RAM For Desktop

Looking for DDR3 RAM of the best feature? In that case, we have listed some products on our top 3 picks for users to get the best in both worlds:


D DUOMEIQI brand has a dual rank, non-ECC, and unbuffered designs that support AMD, Intel, and Mac systems. In fact, it has 16 GB of memory support for high-quality content viewing.  Plus, it has a lifetime warranty with free technical support.

2. Corsair 16 GB DDR3 Desktop Ram

Corsair DDR3 Ram has a good price point with a safe clock frequency for simple usability. Plus, it is compatible with the exclusive CPUs and motherboards for working multi-task. In addition, it has reliable features with a limited warranty.

3. Patriot Memory Signature DDR3 Ram

Patriot DDR3 module has 16 GB memory support with 1600 MHz frequency dual data rate. In fact, it needs 1.5V voltage power for faster and smoother working. Plus, it has auto and the self-refresh ability for users to enjoy the different processes at one time.


Basic Details of DDR3L RAM

The DDR3L stands for Double Data Rate Type 3 Low Voltage Standard is an upgraded version of DDR3 RAM. In fact, it comes with good functions and frequencies that support mobile devices or laptops. For further details of this RAM, here are some features:

Voltage Power

At the outset, the DDR3L module has less voltage power for working on less heat support to control the CPUs temperature. Plus, it comes with 1.35V & 1.5V voltage power.

Heat Generated

This module has a low heat generation system for working on less power. Plus, it gives support to perform well even in low voltage.

Price Point

As it is an improved version of DDR3, it has a higher price tag than any DDR3 module. However, the DDR3L has good performance and quality than the DDR3 module.

RAM Usage

On top of, this module has high-end performance that is supported for mobile devices, laptops and embedded systems for professional content workings.


Top 3 DDR3L RAM For Desktop

Are you looking for a DDR3L RAM module? Don’t worry, we have done some research on the DDR3L module for giving reviews of our top 3 picks.

1. Timetec Compatible 8GB DDR3L Ram

Timetric brand has a dual-rank base voltage of up to 1.35V and 1.50V voltage power. Besides, it has an 8GB module size and is selected for Toshiba, Samsung, HP, and Sony computers. Plus, this compatible RAM has a lifetime warranty from industrial technical support.

2. Latumab 8GB Kit DDR3L Ram

Latumab brand comes with an 8GB module kit with 1600MHz, 1.3V/1.5V voltage, and 240 Pins. Besides, it is compatible with a desktop with unbuffered & non-ECC memory for smooth workings. Plus, it has 45 days of repayment guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

3. Motoeagle 8GB DDR3L Ram

This DDR3L module is made from Motoeagle that provides high performance, high conductivity, and less expenditure support. In fact, it has dual voltage support that can operate at 1,35V or 1.5V modules. Plus, it has lifetime toll-free warranty support.

DDR3 VS DDR3L RAM: Winner?

Well, it is really hard to justify who is the real winner. Yet, if we look at the price point and everyday working RAM, then the DDR3 module is the one to beat. Again, if we look at the low heat generation and low power consumers, then we must pick the DDR3L module as a winner.

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