Best Mini ITX Case For Nas – See These 5 Awesome Picks!

Since the mini itx case is known as the main functional part of the whole computer system as well as your nas, your mini itx case should be according to your exact needs. But we are not always able to make the right decision as to which mini itx case is right for us. A few days ago I also had this problem. I couldn’t figure out which mini itx case is the most secure, reliable, accurate, furthermore long-lasting.

Later I did a lot of research on the mini itx case to see which products are perfect, abreast, cheap, timely for nas. 

I have discovered 5 great mini itx cases that will undoubtedly take a deep place in your mind for functionality as well as reliability. Here, we have analyzed the 5 best mini itx case for nas to save your hard work with time. 

Read carefully and find your desired product.

Best Mini ITX Case For Nas

Product’s Name Material Key Benefit Price
Silverstone DS380B Mini ITX Case Aluminum Takes Less Time To Adjust
Details On Amazon
Thermaltake CA-1E600S1WN-00
Solid Plastic  Nice Design For Better Cooling Details On Amazon
Thermaltake CA-1E600S1WN-00 Steel Takes Less Space To Store Well Details On Amazon
Cooler master 110RC-110KKN2 Steel And Plastic  Grants Better Front & Back Airflow  Details On Amazon
SilverStone CS015 mini itx case Aluminum Lasts A Long Time Details On Amazon

Well, now grab our top 5 picks in details.

1.  Silverstone DS380B Mini ITX Case – Get extra cool with this one!

Silverstone DS380B mini itx case is one of the best products for nus. This mini itx case works as a data saver and quick transfer center, furthermore, it has durability with the highest performance. Also, its optimized fervent configuration includes a powerful fan that works to keep the whole mini itx case cool, including the whole body, cool. Although almost all mini itx cases get hot during data transfer, its powerful fan along with internal structure protects all the parts from overheating.

The mini itx case is given the size of 8 × 11.26 × 14.18 inches abreast weighs 1.43 pounds, which helps to keep the weight of the PC relatively low. It’s durable as well as high-quality small form factor continuously transmits data from nas to mini itx case and from mini itx case to nas as required as your demand. If you want to use it especially for powerful data transferring or storing for your nas, then this mini itx case will perform your desirable subject and other computer functions directly or indirectly. 

Unique changes have been made to this mini itx case 12 drives with 8 hot-swappable, support 11” graphics card besides a lockable power button that’s why this mini itx case guarantees much more powerful as well as smooth performance than other products.


  • Everything works seamlessly.
  • Unique design
  • The value of this product is decent for the quality.
  • The Retention power of this mini itx case is perfect for most obligations.


  • A little heavier in comparison.

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2. Thermaltake CA-1E600S1WN-00 – Gain non-stop task assurance!

Thermaltake CA-WN mini itx case is a product that has all the amenities tailored to the needs of the buyer. One of the key features of this mini itx case is that it guarantees smooth working for a long time. Many products need to be rested after a while but this mini itx case does not need it. 

Talking about its structure first, it can be seen that it is made of aluminum and outer parts are so smooth which is given across the size is 12.90 × 14.60 × 12.50 inches and the memory technology is installed up to 4 data storage devices which has given another dimension to this mini itx case. Naturally, the client wants to find these features in mini itx case.

On the other hand, you will notice that in keeping abreast the current times, it has high speed for transfer data from mini itx case to nas. All these features will make your nas dynamic withed fast data transfer additionally help you to find data easily.

Wireless connectivity along with low power supply for conductors does not disconnect your nas so you get the service you want without the hassle. It also ensures the fulfillment of your commands, including the correct transfer of data from the updated chipset abreast the advanced technology processor nas.

Also, have a dual expansion slot VGA 255mm with a tower CPU cooler up to 140mm furthermore an 80 mm cable management space will add some extra benefits to you. That means you will get everything you want for your nas like the mini ITX case in this Thermaltake CA-1E600S1WN-00.


  • It comes to a nice guideline to manage.
  • No pesky tedious fan.
  • Removable side filters with the heat sink.
  • Stronger than other products.


  • Unfortunately, its design is not beautiful.

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3. iStarUSA mini itx case – Extra portability with a defender of light & non-stop task assurance!

iStarUSA mini itx case is a product where you get some special benefits as well as solutions to your problems. Keeping in mind the desired features of the customer, it has a powerful data saver, ultra-super data transfer speed to nas, 2 USB 2.0 slots. Although the structure is updated a lot, it is easily removable due to its low mass.

At the same time, the size of the structure has been 18.82×12.68×8.90 inches, weighing 14.50 lbs along with the aluminum material of advanced technology have been used in the structure. Key lock design to secure data, SDRAM for data transfer abreast storage to nas, robust cooling system have given this product another new dimension.

One of the interesting features of this mini itx case is the maximum data transfer speed is very high on the USB front which can give very little mini itx case. High-quality peripheral connectors have been used to maintain the connection of nas and Mini ITX case as well as provide power as per the need with a quantity of power.


  • For the money, it is an awesome option.
  • This product is super simple to install.
  • It is light in weight.
  • Ensures excellent performance with reliability.


  • Some people think it is expensive.

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4. Cooler master 110RC-110KKN2 – Find undisturbed operation with this one!

This product has been at the top of the buyer’s list since the time cooler master 110RC-110KKN2 came on the market. Because of its unique features and long-lasting performance has been able to meet the demands of buyers. Its structure is a mixture of hybrids in such a way that no sound comes into operation.

It has a mesh front panel which provides excellent front to back airflow,  8.3 “ long graphics card furthermore a combination of advanced nanotechnology that sets it apart from other products. Dual-channel abreast unbuffered data transfer allows easy data exchange for your nas. To strengthen the mini itx case keeping in mind the needs of the buyer, store up to 3HDDs or 4SSDs has been added to it along with non-ECC.

One of the key features is that the Hot Plug comes with an NCQ support system and an improved version of AHCI. Added 2 × SATA3 USB support permissions that give you peace of mind as well as fast data transfer. Although the network or power supply is low, the processor in the middle of this mini ITX case covers the power supply that will save and secure your data.


  • Build quality is very attractive.
  • Permission for continuous data transfer.
  • Functions best as a new one.
  • Provides ultra-fast speed.


  • Unfortunately, the size is a bit large.

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5. SilverStone CS015 mini itx case– Get multiple ports with high power in data supply!

If you want a mini itx case for your nas with impressive design as well as maximum functionality then SilverStone CS015 may be the best choice for you. If you want to transfer data to nas using cable then this product will allow you to transfer data very fast because its ports are so powerful that it can compete with any current mini itx case. 

These features will give you a hassle-free performance in different situations of your nas.

It is designed to be 11.00 × 11.00× 16.08 inches in size so that it easily fits anywhere. It also comes with adjustable and sustainable as well as 120 mm shaped vents to protect the mini itx case from overheating during data transfer. Not only that, its updated version includes at the same time accommodates two 3.5” and 2.5” drives, transfers your data 100% secure abreast, also has a patented 90 degrees rotated design which has taken this mini itx case to a unique height. This mini itx case has been used in various metallurgical materials of advanced technology as well as nanotechnology aluminum metal has been used as the exterior.

In terms of potential, the motherboard CPU ensures the protection of all parts and ensures accurate and fast wave technology, which provides an incredible power supply of at least 40 at each stage. At the same time, 6 solid pins rich CPU connectors furthermore a 100% digital controller ensures maximum power abreast accurate data transmission from the mini itx case to the nas.

With this product you can get low profile expansion cards besides data transfer speed furthermore 802.11 wireless features, this product will give you an impressive performance for your nas that is rarely seen in a product.


  • You can include an extra fan.
  • It can control the highest setups when doing any work.
  • Gives a pleasant feel to use.
  • Processor is proficient and can take heavy workloads.


  • Unluckily, this mini itx case is somewhat heated.

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How Do You Choose The Product You Want?

How Do You Choose The Product You Want

To get Mini ITX case according to your needs, you must keep an eye on some subtle things. Continue reading.

Cooling system

Before taking the mini itx case you must see its cooling system. Because you must have a cooling system, but it is also true that you will not find a fan of cheap products, so your mini itx case will continue to heat up during data transfer. If this condition continues for some time, the performance of your product will be reduced and even complete damage may occur. However, even if there is a cooling system, if the mini itx case is hot, then you have to install an extra fan.

Dust & water-resistant

Another important thing is that your mini itx case is dust and water-resistant. Because since you will transfer data to nas, there should be no problem with data movement, mini itx cases should be resistant to dust or water or harmful substances.

Memory capacity

Of all the tips I have given, this one is the most important because you will buy a mini itx case to save data temporarily and keep it permanently in nas. In this case, you have to keep in mind how many extra drives can be installed in your mini itx case and how many ports there are. Because you may need to insert multiple drives at different times to keep the data in the nas during the crisis so that you do not have to be a hassle, so when buying a mini itx case for nas, this part should be very well remembered.

Data transfer speed

The right decision to buy your Mini ITX case will be made only when you can select the product with a higher data transfer speed. No matter how much your nas has improved or other parts of your mini itx case have improved, it is annoying if its data transfer speed is low. So when buying a Mini ITX case, the data transfer speed must be 5000MHz or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get better data transfer from Mini ITX case with a memory speed 4500MHz?

 Yes, it is possible. But we will recommend a memory speed of more than 5000MHz. Because, if the data transfer is slow, it is time-consuming and annoying.

Is it harmful to use a second-hand mini ITX case for nas?

No, that’s not the point. If your old product performance is top-notch then you can use it for nas. However, the old mini itx case is not durable for various reasons, so we advise you to buy a new mini ITX case.

What is the normal temperature Of mini itx case?

Basically, the normal temperature is 33-35 Celsius when the Mini ITX case is active but 20-25 normal temperature is taken when it is not active. If the temperature is more than 40 Celsius, it is harmful to the whole computer including the mini itx case. So the issue of temperature should be noted.

Final Words

Don’t buy any product you need in a mini itx case, but think hard and find your desired product by using your experience with our article. Because the mini itx case is a very important part for nas as well as the whole device.

So, think carefully about which product is perfect, effective, reliable, long-lasting, and data transfer speed for your nas. Then you make the decision.