Two Easy Method: How To Clean iPhone Speaker

Are you searching for a lazy but smart way to clean your iPhone speaker? You just need to follow our methods to get an amazing result. We try to help you to clean your speaker comfortably at home without any hassle. Be with us.

A grubby speaker can cause low and bad quality sound. You need to clean your iPhone speakers on a regular basis. For that, you need a simple technique that is affordable and effortless. That’s why we are here to show you How to Clean iPhone Speaker at home smartly

2 Simple Methods To Clean iPhone Speaker

Below we discuss 2 simple and short methods to make your work easy. These methods are the ultimate guidelines of How To Clean iPhone Speaker. You have to follow our process step by step. Read attentively.

Method 1: Tooth Brush

Sometimes iPhone speaker holes collect dirt, germs, filth, and all sort of nasty substances. If we don’t clean then it can affect the sound. The easy and smart way to clean the speaker is by using a soft bristle toothbrush.

  • First, take a soft bristle toothbrush then rub on the speaker holes gently upper and lower both side speakers. Don’t scrub harshly otherwise it can damage the speaker. Be careful.

Method 2: Sellotape

SelloTape is a smart choice to clean the iPhone speaker. It’s too sticky that’s why dust sticks on it and comes out easily. It’s also available in our home and we can use it anytime.

Step 1: Take Sellotape

First, take a small piece of tape and roll it like a cone shape shown in the picture. The sticky side should be facing out. Because the sticky side is important for picking the dirt to come out.

Step 2: Dip Inside Speaker

Dip the tape inside the lower side speaker holes with the help of your index finger. Now push it inside the speaker. The tape should take out all the dirt without letting any sort of stuff.

Step 3: Check Tape

After the application, you must check the surface of the cone. If there is dust on it, then change the tape and take another for use. Repeat the process till the tape come out clean.

According to a recent analysis, the smartphone is a big bacterium magnet that bears more bacteria than a toilet seat. We take the iPhone everywhere with us. We can’t leave it for a second.

The best iPhone case cannot save the device from getting dirty. That’s why you badly need to know how to clean an iPhone speaker. Once you have done the above methods we promise your iPhone speaker will be fit and fine.

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