The Solution: Can You Text in Airplane Mode with Wifi?


During traveling on an airplane, we can’t contact others via mobile number, because of “Airplane Mode” on cell signal doesn’t support and our mobile data are going to off automatically.

But sometimes we need to contact in emergency purpose. Now, you may have the question- Can you text in airplane mode with Wifi?

Yes, you can. How? Read the whole article to get a better move in your emergency situation without wasting your mobile data.

How to Send or Receive Messages in Airplane Mode with Wifi

Keeping the phone into airplane mode turns off all the functions- cellular, wifi, also even Bluetooth. But now modern phones help us to turn back wifi ON while in airplane mode. And nowadays many airplanes have wifi also.

To know the process you don’t need to ask this question here and there – can you text in airplane mode with Wifi? We are here to give you the answer.

Just look into below:

1. Turn on airplane mode:

To open the airplane mode go to settings and toggle airplane mode ON as shown in the picture below.

 2. Go to Wifi and turn ON:

For connecting Wifi no need to go settings again. Because you are already in the settings option. Just tap the Wifi to show the slider button and drag the slider button to the right. After turning on, be sure which network is available and pair your mobile with that network.

3. Choose Messaging Apps:

There are several types of messaging apps like Viber, Imo, What’s app, Messenger, Twitter. Choose your desired one and start a chat with others. Here we are showing some pictures of messaging apps

This is how you can text in airplane mode with Wifi. We hope you got your information from this content. If it is, then share this information with others so that no one can lose their mobile data without any reason.

And after reading this article nobody will ask for anyone- can you text in airplane mode with Wifi? Because we are providing here the solution.


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