How To Permanently Disable Airplane Mode Android?

Are you feeling disturbed by the airplane mode of your phone? In this article, we will tell you the perfect solution of how to permanently disable airplane mode Android?.

Generally, airplane mode is used to stop all signal transmission from the device. Airplane mode is usually used when you are traveling by plane. But normally when this mode turns on, it creates big trouble.

Most of the time, people use quick panel settings instead of going to the setting app. Sometimes it happens, you mistakenly tap on the airplane mode and then you don’t get any phone calls and messages. This situation continues until you check your phone.

How to Permanently Disable Airplane Mode Android

Airplane mode is a common feature of any smartphone. When you turn on this mode, you can see an airplane icon on your status bar. Airplane mode disables all wireless functions like :

  • Cellular connection: you can’t send calls and messages. Also, you cannot access the internet through mobile data.
  • Wi-Fi: the device will disconnect from Wi-Fi and can not connect to the new one.
  • Bluetooth: airplane mode also disabled short-range connections and stopped pairing the device accessories.

Follow the following steps to permanently disable airplane mode :

Step 1: Open Quick Settings Panel

First, unlock the phone. Then drag down from the up of the screen. You can see the Quick Settings Panel.

 Step 2: Click on Edit

In the panel, there are many setting options. On the right side of the panel, you can see Edit. Click on Edit.

Step 3: Drag Airplane Mode Icon and Drop on the removal bar

You see now all the quick settings. Click and drag the Airplane mode icon. Drop it in the removal bar.

Step 4: Click DONE

On the right side of the panel, you can see DONE. Click on DONE.

After clicking on DONE, the airplane mode disable from the quick-setting panel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I use airplane mode after disabling it?

After disabling, you can use airplane mode from the setting app. Go to the settings app, and you can see airplane mode in the first option. Tap on it and turn it on.

How do I get back to airplane mode in the quick setting panel?

It is very simple. Follow the steps:
*Open quick settings panel.
*Tap the airplane mode icon from the removal bar and drag it to the setting bar.
*Then click done.
Now you can see the airplane mode again.

Does airplane mode save the mobile’s power?

Yes. Because phones usually take a lot of power on various radio. Through radio, the users receive notifications, track location, and communicate. So enabling the airplane mode, it stops radio transfer, and your phone battery runs longer, also, mobile charges faster with this mode.

What is the benefit of airplane mode for gamers?

The gamers can play the offline game so you will not get any ad. And the gamers know well how pleasing it is to play without ads.

Is music streaming work with airplane mode?

No. As your phone remains disconnected from the internet, you can not run music streaming apps. So you can listen to music by downloading them to your mobile.

What is the other use of Airplane mode?

 If you feel disturbed by getting unnecessary notifications, then you can turn on airplane mode to avoid this. Also, to protect the phone from kids, it works. Just turn on airplane mode, and they can’t place calls accidentally. But they can play games, take photos, and so on.


We discussed in detail, how to permanently disable airplane mode Android. This method reduces the chance of mistakenly turning on airplane mode.

There is no specific way to delete the airplane mode from the phone. It is a default feature. With this method, you can remove it from the quick settings panel.

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