Ryzen 7 2700X Vs i7 8700K – The Ultimate Battle Between King!

ryzen 7 2700 vs i7 8700k

People are having a pretty hard time choosing a compatible and well worthy of their investment assuring processor these days. Even with so many promising models out there. It’s hard to get one option that fulfills and stands according to your needs and requirements. And that’s why going for the safest route and finding something …

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10 Best CPU Temp Monitor: Free & Paid Versions for Your PC

best cpu temp monitor

You need to give enough importance to monitoring the resources of your system. System capabilities are something that a user must know about. And some applications are a great help for such lifesaving monitoring. There are lots of options available online but only a few of them actually come with beneficial features. And today we …

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Samsung Evo VS Pro – Who Wins the Race?

samsung evo vs pro

Samsung is doing extremely well for a really long time and probably everybody living in this era knows about them. With the SSD series they launched, the solidity in budget-friendliness is getting more and more praise. However, there’s always confusion when you look at two quite similar models. So, to get a better idea of …

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Intel Core i7 8700k Vs i7 9700k – The Famous Sibling Rivalry

Intel Core i7 8700k vs i7 9700k

CPU industry is loving the era that’s happening right now since there are so many promising options available with mouthwatering features. The teeming growth of some well-known brands rich in feature models is making it even more tempting. Are you interested to know about some really mind-blowing processors from Intel? Then today’s writing is surely …

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