Lenovo Flex Vs Yoga – Who Comes With Better Quality?

lenovo flex vs yoga

The most reputed and largest PC vendor right now is without any debate Lenovo. This amazing brand is grabbing attention and love from all over the world by providing some amazing lineups. Starting from productivity concerned users to more high-end look and premium feel oriented consumers, Lenovo is serving everyone right. Two mind-blowing lineups of …

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What Are The Best LGA 1151 CPUs/Processors That Delivers Quality?

best lga 1151 cpu

Demanding for the best LGA 1151 CPU that is top-tier in speed, performance as well as great at handling workloads is nothing wrong. In fact, you should put such wishes ahead when looking for a compatible CPU that will be able to withstand all your heavy gaming and video editing demands. Today’s topic is all …

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RX 570 Vs GTX 1060 – Who Wins the Clash of Quality?

RX 570 VS GTX 1060

Looking for a budget mid-range graphic card option that isn’t a disappointing tragedy later on for providing the performance you expect is sometimes hard and we agree. However, the game is quite different after two very promising options showed up in the market with some incredible and praiseworthy features that turn head around. And, there’s a …

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Asus Vs MSI Motherboard – Complete Comparison & Recommendations

asus vs msi motherboard

When you plan for a new motherboard, making a choice becomes hard because it needs to also be competent enough to let other PC components work properly. In short, it’s not just there to perform for itself but your other elements will also need to accept it. And that point is enough to make the …

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Razer Blade Stealth Vs XPS 13 – Who’s the Mid-Range King?

razer blade stealth vs xps 13

When the bet is about a midrange laptop, hardly will you find the available options less promising. Because of the budget balance, manufacturers try to provide something out of the box at a not-so-cheap price point. However, there’s definitely some specific models of laptop that come quite close to each other in terms of performance, …

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7 Best LGA 775 CPU Reviews – Exploring Popular Picks of 2022

best lga 775 cpu

Gadgets and accessories are nothing unusual today and almost everyone owns multiples of them. One gadget that’s getting severely popular with passing time is PCs. Outdated motherboards or CPUs can, however, slow down the fun and lead you to be disappointed. So, getting a proper CPU that performs like a beast while processing whatever task …

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7 Best LGA 1155 CPU That Are Fantastic For The Price & Quality

best lga 1155 cpu

Today’s generation is all head over heels for a decent PC experience and it’s one of the most popular gadgets as well. The efforts that we would have to give in the absence of PC are something we don’t want to imagine and let’s keep it that way. The user experience with your computer can …

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DDR3 VS DDR3L RAM – The Comparison Clash of 2022

ddr3 vs ddr3l ram

People are almost always on your desktop or PC for so many reasons. It could be for gaming or maybe watching late-night YouTube series. No matter what purpose you have, there’s going to be a great lack of performance and lagging when the right RAM isn’t around with you. Best RAM isn’t only meant for …

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