How to Fix Pressure Spots on LCD Screen- Fix With Some Common Steps!

Pressure spots are one of the last things you would want to discover on your LCD screen. Sometimes those nasty spots would attack our laptop’s screen and leave us with no choice but to go for a replacement. That’s a huge cost.

There’s also the hassle of looking for a suitable replacement as not all models will support any LCD screen. In short, the whole process is hectic and you must try whatever last resorts are available to try to sidestep it.

Now maybe doing some research on what exactly these things are, how do you prevent them and of course, a safe method on how to fix pressure spots on the LCD screen can bring some solution if you are lucky. And to help you with that, we have decided to talk specifically on the whole matter for today. Are You Ready?

How to Fix Pressure Spots on LCD Screen

Simply jumping into the process of fixing will make no sense if you don’t have the basic idea of what actually these pressure spots are. So, we’ll include it beneath first, then go through the repair process and finally share some tips on avoiding these miseries altogether. Keep on Reading…

What Is A Pressure Spot?

The pressure marks on the TV screen can cause great damage. A pressure spot actually damages inside the layers of glass which presses crystal. That causes an LCD screen with a noticeable spot on a place.

Also, the pressure damage LCD TV screen can result in crystals dropping their juicy or solidity resolutions. That can cause your PC screen to mislay the filter of the back illumination. Also, it can cause viewing problems such as flickering or struck or defective pixels.

Even if you can view pictures and videos, yet the pressure spot will be visible or blurred which may cause color inaccuracy. It can also affect picture resolution by showing low liquidity of original color.

Fixing Pressure Spots On LCD Screen

Pressure spots can vary based on what type of mark is left on your LCD screen. Your LCD screen can be blurry, white, or black based on how deep the pressure spots are. Read down below to know how to fix the pressure damage screen:

Turn Off Your TV

The first step you need to do is to turn off your computer. To continue the following processes, you need to keep your LCD shut down. After you have turned your Monitor off, go to the next step.

Remove TV From Wall

Now, you need to take out the TV from the wall. Then, put it down to a table or shelf to continue the next steps.

Take Out Back Panel

You need to get rid of the back panel by taking out all the screws one at a time. Take your time to remove the screws. Then, secure all the screws in a safe place where you will find them easily.

Eliminate The Speaker Connections

If you have cables attached to the speaker connection, then take out them. Just get rid of the wires from both sides one by one. You need to take out the screws that are attached to the PCBs aka Printed Circuit Boards.

To find it out, you can look at the bottom of the TV. Also, makes sure to take out the cables that are placed on the upper side of the PCB.

Remove Other Screws From The Bracket

After getting rid of the cables attached, you need to take out all the screws on the outer bracket of your LCD. This will help you to take out the casing of the display rightly so that no harm can appear. Ensure to check the screen before going to the next step.

Take Out Display Panel

Once you have done unscrewing screws from the outer bracket of the LCD, it’s time to take out the display panel. Now, you need to do this step very carefully.

For that, ensure to use a vacuum cup when pulling out the LCD panel from the internal case. Try to do it gently. And, if you need help from others, ask your friend.

Usually, panels of the LCD display are very weaker compared to glass. After you have removed the panel from the TV screen, secure it in a safe place. Also, ensure to unclip all the mounts holding the bracket inside the casing. And, keep in a secure place.

Remove Sheets From The Penal

Now, you will notice a white panel in front. In fact, you will find some diffuser sheets. The diffuser sheets are actually used to deal out the light well in TVs. Both LCDs and LEDs show good images via these panel sheets.

Just take out these panel sheets cautiously and secure them in a secure place. Plus, ensure sheets are not twisted or bend.

Clean The Penal Sheet With Soft Cloth

You need to clean the penal if you find any small or scratched round spot. To find it easily, try to wear blue sunglasses or use light. After locating the scratch or spot, now prepare a soft cloth to wipe the surface gently.

You see, if you put on a towel cloth, it would damage the penal more. So, ensure to take a gentle cloth to wipe up. If the spot doesn’t come out, then try to use toothpaste with a cotton bird. Take a small amount of toothpaste on a cotton bird. And, put directly it on the spot.

Try to run in a circular motion on the spot when using the cotton bird. It will help to cover the spot faster. Then gently wipe off the toothpaste with a soft cloth.

Attach The Panel, Screws & Other Mounts

Now, you need to attach everything to finish the process. Insert the panel, sheets into the screen. After you have done attaching the panel to the LCDs, close the case and insert screws on the outer bracket. If needed, use the screwdriver.

Then, you need to attach the speaker connection by inserting cables. Insert the cables that should be attached to the PCBs on both sides. Next, attach the back panel by screwing on all the screws. Now, test out if your TV is still showing the pressure spot or not.

After checking if you still see the pressure spot on the LCD screen, then we suggest removing the penal again and use toothpaste with cotton bird gently. Then, wipe out the leftover again. And, if this didn’t work, then try to replace your LCD display for a better viewing feel.

How To Prevent Pressure Spots On LCD Screen?

How To Prevent Pressure Spots On LCD Screen

Before heading to all the process of how to fix pressure spots on LCD screen, you must know steps to prevent them. Knowing all the points of preventing pressure spots will help you never face them in future use.

Generally, the pressure spots occur due to the wrong setup of the TV or monitor when placing. To get rid of pressure spots, you need to hold the LCD screen from top to bottom. This way you can secure the panels from the pressure spot.

Makes sure to place your finger on the backside when holding. And, avoid putting pressure on the display. Since it can cause pressure spots on the display. Try to use a suction cup on areas where the pressure spot is visible.

Using a suction cup will help to reduce the cause of pressure spots appearing. And, try to clean the display on a weekly basis to avoid spots with a soft cloth.

These simple and quick habits or tips can help you avoid a huge replacement cost.


No one would like if their TV or monitor LCD screen has pressure spots or any other damages. The pressure spot is a physical strain on the display that leads one of the layers of LCD glasses flattened. There are some types of pressure spots to fix differently.

Yet, the given tricks of each type will help you to fix pressure spots faster. And, don’t be afraid when fixing pressure spots on your LCD screen as the tricks are safe to try out.

In this guide, we hope you have learned how to fix pressure spots on LCD screen depending on each type. And, hope your problematic LCD screen gets better. Best of Luck!