5 Best Headphones For Nexus 7 That You Need to Know About

With such a gorgeous high-resolution screen and an outstanding fast speed performance, there’s no doubt because the slim and highly attractive Nexus 7 has been on every new tablet buyer’s bucket list. By including the right type of accessories, the thing can literally get wings to fly to give you an astounding user experience.

Keeping your old apps for it is going to work. But there’s a need to look for upgradation with keyboards, speakers and most definitely the headphone. If you are approaching the latter one and want to grab some amazing deals online, then today’s piece of writing will definitely work in your interest.

As we are here to tell you about 5 of the best headphones for Nexus 7 that are more than enough for adding the oomph feel in very practical pricing. Keep on Reading…

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Best Headphones For Nexus 7

Product’s Name Length Key Benefit Price
Sephia SP3060 Earbud 3.8 Feet Nice Sound Quality And Outline Details On Amazon
Betron BS10 Headphone About 4 Feet Lessen The Hassle Of Leakage Details On Amazon
Vogek Tangle-Free Flat Cord Headphone 3.94 Feet Nice Contour And Design To Carry Details On Amazon
COWIN E8 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone 1.64 Feet Simple To Adjust And Fit Details On Amazon
Plantronics Bluetooth Headphone 0.54 Feet Cool Design That Feels Snug To Wear Details On Amazon

In this segment, we are going to break down the 5 recommendations that are the star of today’s conversation. You can decide by yourself after going through the in-depth reviews hopefully…

1. Sephia SP3060 Earbud– The Best Earbuds For Nexus 7 Phones

Made out of slim and firm metal housing, this earbud is a fine pick for Nexus 7 phones.  It is also fine for use with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Windows, Android, and other suitable devices.

Due to its great design, the earbud is light in weight to use with no feel of bulk on your ear even after hours. It as well helps you to use it both outdoor and inside your home for workouts.

This in-ear style wired earbud also allows you to get 6 sets of ear pads for snug usage. It as well allows you to get small, medium, and large sizes of pads for cozy earbud fitting.

This earbud has a unique design that stays in your ears while handle all the noise to keep out for avoiding disturbance.

But wait, that is not all. This in-ear earbud has a powerful 10 mm Neodymium magnet that gives better audio clarity. It also helps you to get ear sound isolating tech to cuts sound leakage.

In addition to that, this in-ear earbud has 3.8 feet of long and firm cable that is Y in shape to use well. It as well allows you to never face the hitches of snarl or knot with wires even after years.

The SP3060 earbud also comes with a sleek and beautiful case to carry headphones and pads at ease. It as well helps you to look stylish while keeping your stuff protected from losing.

In short, this earbud is a great choice if you want a blend of comfort, performance, and style at the same time. It is also worth trying for adding good sound to your daily life with no hitches.


  • This earbud comes with a 10 mm driver.
  • It has a tangle-free cable to use well.
  • This earbud features a carry case to store items.
  • It is snug and easy to use.
  • This earbud has great sound quality in all types of genres.


  • Sadly, it is not for extreme use.

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2. Betron BS10 Headphone– Most Powerful Bass Driven Earphone

With a 12 mm neodymium driver, this earphone gives strong bass-driven in a great performance. It as well helps you to listen to the tone of each track in an easy setup.

These are just a few. This earphone as well has a premium stereo digital sound quality that grants great clarity. It as well allows you to listen to a radio or call in the highest quality of voice.

Not only that it has 3 different sizes of ear tips but also offers silicone earbuds for easy usage. This earphone also ensures a safe fit each time you use it that grants good comfort on your ear.

With superior crisp quality, this earbud is sweatproof to wear when you are going on a long run, working out, or playing other sports.

It as well comes with a rare ear-canal design that is always ready to handle in ambient noise isolation. This earphone also gives fine sound quality with no shaking in improved quality.

And, we are not stopping there. This earphone as well has a knot-free wire that is covered in thick material. It also has a gold-plated connector in 3.5 mm that takes care of the signal shift.

Plus, this earphone is fine in quality to work with any latest phone models, tablets, mp3 players, or others. It as well allows you to get a hassle-free luxurious feel for listening to any songs.

To sum it up, this earphone is an ideal pick for those of you who want a portable and top-notch quality option. It is also great for giving your ears rich and balanced sound to listen well.


  • It is great in quality and design.
  • This headphone has a fair price range.
  • It has gold plated headphone connection.
  • This earphone is portable and compact to use well.
  • It comes with deep bass and natural sound quality.


  • In uneven road rides, it doesn’t hang on the ear.

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3. Vogek Tangle-Free Flat Cord Headphone– Toughest Earphone With Soft Ear Tips

The Vogek headphone has an angular design in an oval shape sound outlet with soft ear tips to listen well. It as well allows you to get rid of feeling limp when wearing earphones on your ear.

Made for Gym use, this earbud has a quality Stereo sound with high fidelity audio with better bass. It as well allows you to listen to music in a premium song with no irritations or hitches.

We are not through yet. This earphone as well has a soft and firm flat cable that is made to last longer. It as well allows you to never face tangling to get rid of frustration to solve the knot.

This earphone has a slim and stylish look with great functionality, comfort, and a disturbance-free setup to use on most phones with no struggle.

It as well comes with L type connector that is 3.5 mm in length to fit into devices easily. This earbud also allows you to get easy and smooth data shifting when using with no struggle.

In fact, this earbud is good for use in iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, iMac, PS3, MP3 player, and other devices. It as well allows you to use Nexus 7 phones from the Google brand with no hitch.

Plus, this earbud has a 20 to 20,000 Hz of frequency response to grant a solid audio quality. It as well has a detailed and crisper sound which suits any genres you want to listen to.

In general, this earphone is a great match for giving a fine listening feel with rich sound volume and extra features. It is also worth trying if you want an easy to plug or tune-out earphone.


  • It has great battery life to use for a long time.
  • This earphone has a flat cable that doesn’t tangle.
  • It has great looks and design.
  • The headphone comes with a tiny wrap to store.
  • It is light in weight.


  • Unluckily, this earphone doesn’t last a long way.

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4. COWIN E8 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone– Best Wireless Earphone For Long Trips

The E8 headphone is one of the optimal picks for using in short or long trips that easy to use. It as well allows you to listen to any song in good quality with no struggle.

This earbud as well has a hands-free call and mic option so that you can easily answer calls using the touchpad. It as well allows you to easily control volume, ANC on or off, and so on.

And, this earphone comes with Expert ANC tech that allows you to never face extra noise or echo. It as well helps getting rid of all the noises by covering your ear to only focus well.

The E8 earphone is an excellent pick that allows you to get 32db of noise-canceling and 32 OHMs of Impedance.

It also comes with 25% stronger and superior sound quality to play music well than others. This earbud as well allows you to get up to 45 mm large space drivers for lifelike and crisp sounds.

But that’s the parts of the story. This earphone has soft ear cushions with a 90° rotation axis that allows your head to feel snug when using. It as well allows you to never feel pain or ache.

This earphone also comes with a pillow-like soft and light in weight headband to use when wearing. It also allows you to wear it in any place while the ear cups are fitted in a snug way.

In brief, this earphone is a magical pick that has a friendly price range, snug design, and ideal sound quality. It is also good for giving a natural, potent, and solid sound for listening to songs.


  • This headphone has a 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency.
  • It comes with an adjustable headband to wear easily.
  • The user guide is written well to understand.
  • It has an E8 carry case to store well.
  • This earphone has long-term battery life to use.


  • A few people find the noise cancelation poor.

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5. Plantronics Bluetooth Headphone– Best For Long-Term Battery Life

The Plantronics BackBeat 903+ is a pro when it comes to long-lasting battery life for up to 7 hours. It as well allows you to stay linked using the Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet at ease.

This wireless headphone also comes with ideal audio with a DSP aka Digital Signal Processing tech to use with no hitch on clarity. It as well allows you to listen to audio in a crisp signal.

On top of that, this earbud is made to use in multipurpose by controlling the music and calls through Bluetooth tech at ease. It as well allows you to use it while riding a bike or working out.

No doubt about its greatness as this earbud is versatile, compact, and user-friendly to use in most devices at ease.

Wonderfully, this earbud comes with 14 mm of speakers that allow you to get a perfect feel with crispier stereo sound. It as well allows you to get fine enhanced bass in high-end audio.

In fact, the brand has 1 year of safe warranty features to grant a reliable replacement. On the face of it, they allow you to have restore and repair if the given product has a defect or fault.

It as well has one-touch controls that allow you to answer, play, switch songs, or handle other stuff using the touchpad. The earbud also allows you to get voice alert to avoid using hands.

If you want to enjoy rich songs and clear phone calls, then the Plantronics BackBeat 903+ is your finest bet. It is wireless in connection and fine in design for both outside & inside lifestyles.


  • It is sweatproof and waterproof.
  • This headphone is simple to pair with most devices.
  • It has a good sound volume that is adjustable.
  • This earphone has good durability to stand for a long while.
  • It has good control buttons to use easily.


  • Some people find the earphone improper in fitment.

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Things To Keep in Mind When Picking The Best Headphones For Nexus 7

Do you getting confused over what aspects to check for getting the best earphones for Nexus 7? It is a very challenging task for starters. Yet, here are a few of the helpful factors to select the right one that pleasing to your ear.

Common Styles Of Headphones

There are 4 main types of headphones based on design and function to use. And they are:

  • Over-Ear Headphones
  • Earbuds Headphones
  • On-Ear Headphones
  • In-Ear Headphones.

Just like the name, the over-ear earphones are built to fit inside your outer ears. Basically, they can be wired and wireless still ensures to attach well. These types of earphones ensure to cover your ear very well. And, they are great if you prefer:

  • More comfortable earphone to listen well
  • The focused sound that directly gets into your eardrums
  • Easy to locate with a large and heavy style of headphone

These types of earphones are good for both PC and mobile users. Yet, they are very uncomfortable for long hours of usage. But the over-ear earphones are efficient for blocking sounds.

Conversely, the earbud headphones are smaller and cute to use on your ear. They are also very light in weight and comfortable for long hours of usage. And, these types of earphones are comfortable and painless to the ear. Plus, they are great to use if you want:

  • A very travel-friendly design that’s easy to store
  • High in quality sound when listening to stories or calling your friend
  • An affordable and budget-friendly option for using

Similar to over-ear earphones, the on-ear headphones are slim and lighter in design. They have a special back exposed and edges to sit on your ears. These types of headphones ensure covering ears in good security. And, they are great for:

  • Giving a quality sound with no issue of outside noise
  • Ensuring less leakage to use well
  • Using outdoor or indoor with no bulky feel

They as well have good functions to grant a good listening experience with no struggle. And, the on-ear headphones are portable and easy to store.

On the other hand, in-ear headphones have good fitting to fit into your ear camel. They are good in portability and design. These types of headphones are best for workouts or biking. And, they are a good option for those:

  • Who wants a portable and compact headphone to travel with
  • Looking for a comfortable and high in safety earphone
  • Looking for better performance compared to most types

Noise Cancelation

A headphone that has a noise-canceling feature will help your ear to get rid of outside noises and echoes. It will as well help your ear to concentrate on audio by blocking extra sounds. So, try to go with an earphone that has a noise-canceling feature to use freely.

Cables & Connector

Another thing you want to check when picking headphones for Nexus 7 phones is cables and connector length. A long cable that has a good guard against dust, molds, and harm is a good pick. And, the connector of earphones should match the Nexus 7 phone jack port to use.

Pro Tip: Just be sure to the cable is at least 120 mm in length and free from tangles. And, the headphone connector should have a 3.5 mm length to fit at ease.

Sound Quality

Lastly, the headphone for Nexus 7 phones should have a good sound quality to listen well. If you call someone or listen to FM radio, still a good sound quality headphone is required.

It should have a fine frequency response for up to 20 – 20,000 Hz so that you get good voice quality while listening to different genres.

The better frequency response of headphones will help you to listen to songs in Rock, Heavy metal, or Pop tracks. Therefore, be sure to go with one that has good sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

 Is an expensive headphone worth it

Even if you don’t want to spend your money, it is 100% true that a higher-priced headphone will serve you more. In contrast, a cheaper one won’t last long.
The expensive headphone for the Nexus 7 phone will promise good durability and sound quality with excellent options.
But, if earphones have no special features and costlier in price, then avoid them. So, it’s better to go with one that has a logical price range.

Can you plug a standard phone headphone into Nexus 7?

es, a standard phone headphone will fit into Nexus 7. Yet, many people find the issue of buzzing or static noise at a low volume. So, it is better to go with the headphone that suits with Nexus 7 phone. A suitable headphone will cause good sound and issue-free listening.

Are lightweight headphones good?

The simple answer is yes. The lightweight headphone will support your ear to get rid of feeling heavy or painful. It as well allows you to secure easily.
The weight of headphones will ensure they fit well without giving a bulky feel even after a long time of usage.
Also, the heavy earphones cause pressure over your head after some time of use. Therefore, a lighter headphone will be great.


After coming to the end part, you must have learned all the essential factors to check for picking the right earphone. In fact, there are many types of headphones in the store sorted out in quality, worth, design, and other aspects.

To go with the best headphones for Nexus 7 phones, you should never forget about comfort and design as a priority. And, the right earphone will help you to listen very well without sacrificing anything. Also, check the price if you want good quality headphones.

So, we hope this guide helped you select the perfect earphone with great features. And, hope you’ll try out our suggested headphones. Have A Nice Day!