How to Connect RGB Fans to Motherboard Easily?

The whole matter of how to connect RGB fans to motherboard is not a very hard topic that needs you to be an expert for making it work. However, there’s definitely a need for careful proceeding of steps. Also, someone who does not know about the whole process or has never tried things like this before should be aware of it entirely. Because even if it’s a simple thing to do, for a noob it’s still something they’ve not tried yet. And so, a little bit of research will make the thing free from silly mistakes.

Let’s talk about how to connect RGB fans to the motherboard in today’s piece of writing. We will be talking about the most common methods that you can try. Keep on Reading…

How to Connect RGB Fans to Motherboard Using Simple Steps

There are a few considerations you need to go through before jumping right into the connection-making process. Also, depending on the circumstances, you may need to try a certain way of installation. So, we will talk about the general connecting method, then with 4-pin RGB fans and the last one would be about where you don’t have a header.

Some Considerations When Installing RGB Fans to Motherboard

Before you know how to connect RGB fans to motherboard, there are some considerations to follow for safe setup. So, make sure to follow the given points to get rid of risks:

  • Makes sure to keep the RGB fans and given parts in a secure place. Ensure they are far away from high temperatures or hot. If possible, keep RGB fans afar from any machines that are hot or cause high temperatures.
  • Try to keep your RGB fans away from the impeller.
  • Makes sure to use the given mounts of your purchased RGB fans when connecting to the motherboard.
  • Use your RGB fans inside the computer case after attaching them to the motherboard.
  • Try to keep your RGB fans and given mounts away from any fluid.

Connecting RGB Fans to Motherboard

There are many types of RGB fans to fit into the motherboard. And each type of RGB fan can connect differently on the motherboard. Basically, RGB fan connector types can have 3-pin or 4-pin to install on the motherboard.

And, if the motherboard has no header, it would fit another way. Read down below to know the processes in details:

Installing 3-Pin RGB Fans To Motherboard

If you have a 3 cable in the connector, installing RGB fans that contain 3-pin will support it. You can’t put a 4-pin RGB fan into a 3 cable in the connector. Read down below to know the processes of connecting 3-pin RGB fans to the motherboard:

Take Out The Case

Firstly, you need to take out the case from the computer so that you can easily access the motherboard.

Check The Instructions

And, you need to read out the instructions. Just take out the manual guide to read out everything and then start the process.

Insert The Fan Connector

Now, take out your RGB fan and the given mounts. You need to connect the RGB fan connector that has 2 guides. Just simply attach the connector to your PC’s motherboard fan header. It is quite easy to locate if you notice RGB marks.

Put Force To Lock

Next, you need to put some pressure on the connected RGB fan connector into the motherboard header. Just ensure that you have done putting the 2 side guides into the given space for the right fitment.

Place The RGB Fan

After you have done attaching the connector, now set up the RGB fan inside the computer case. You can adjust the RGB fans inside the computer case in the front or rear side depending on the space.

Pull Down The Case

Once you have done adjusting the RGB fan inside, now pull down the computer case inside to end the process.

Installing 4-Pin RGB Fans To Motherboard

Connecting 4 pins RGB fans to the motherboard is easy if you follow the right methods. If you have 4 pins RGB fans to the connecting process would be different. So, check out the following steps to connect safely:

Take Out The Case

Remove the case of your computer. If you find the case dirty inside, then clean before going to the next process.

Attach The Fan Connector

Insert the fan connector to the motherboard header. This step doesn’t require any tool to fit into. You only need to insert the dual 4 pins RGB fan connector inside the motherboard header to ensure maximum RPM.

Also, you can attach a 4 pin RGB fan connector into 3 or 4 holes included the motherboard to fit well. It will help the RGB fan will function safely.

Press Down The 4 Pins Header

Now, push down the 4 pins RGB fan connector into the header of the motherboard. Ensure you have put good pressure that will help to insert the 4 pins connector into the header deeply.

Setup The RGB Fan And Wire

After you have attached the 4 pins connector into the motherboard header, customize the RGB fan and wire inside the computer case. You can place the RGB fan inside the case or in the front area so that lights can be seen. Also, ensure to attach one fan at the other side.

Close The Case

At last, you need to close the computer case by covering it at the side. If you need, set up the lighting of the RGB cooling fan in different colors.

Installing RGB Fans To Motherboard With No Header

If you have no RGB header on the motherboard, then the process of connecting fans will be different. You just need to take out all the essential tools. After taking all the tools, start the processes given below:

Get an RGB Fan Controller

Before doing the following steps, you need to get an RGB fan controller. Since you are connecting RGB fans into a motherboard without a header, it would need an outer attachment with a controller.

Shut Down Your PC

The next thing you need to do is to turn off your PC. If your PC is not started, then head to the following steps.

Remove The Computer Case

Now, you need to take out the cover of the computer in the backside. This way you can reach the motherboard easily.

Connect The RGB Fan Cable

Next, take out your RGB fan’s unconnected 3 or 4 pins slot cable. Now, you need to insert 4 pins dual connector into your RGB fan’s unconnected slot cable. When doing this process, makes sure your RGB connector and other parts are not heated.

Insert Controller To RGB Cable

Next, attach the RGB controller to the cable that is inserted with a 3 or 4 pins dual connector. Makes sure it is connected at the end of the dual 3 or 4 pins controller.

You’ll notice the controller which needed to insert into the cable is locked. This will ensure the power input is connected to the RGB fan for access.

Attach The Other Cable To SATA Cable

You need to attach the other side of the cable with a controller to the motherboard SATA cable. It will give power to the RGB fan when operated.

Adjust The Fan And Case

Now, adjust the fan inside the motherboard and wire in the computer case. Then, close the case just like you normally do. And, you are done connecting the fan.


RGB fans are a must in PC that gives an ideal cooling solution to never let heat contact the hardware. Connecting an RGB fan to the motherboard is hard if you are a newbie. However, this guide will give you the simplest processes to get the job done precisely.

You can also get help from your friends if needed. Depending on your motherboard header and fan pin availability, the setup will be different. Just be sure to follow every step exactly given to avoid mistakes and errors.

We hope this guide helped you know all the steps of how to connect RGB fans to motherboard in a secure way. And, hope you will try out these steps and considerations. Best Of Luck!