Best Smartwatch For Galaxy Note 4- What Are The Top 5 Picks?

Doubts and dilemmas are taking over your head to make it harder for you on which smartwatch will go best with your Galaxy Note 4. And this scene is familiar to a lot of people out there. Finding a proper smartwatch that won’t be disappointing you with a lack of any specific crucial future is the ultimate goal.

And so, it’s important you take your time, do your research, think about it and then make a final call. And to help you with this journey, today let us share 5 of the best smartwatch for galaxy note 4 that are appreciated till now for their wonderful feature set and fabulous user experience. You definitely want to stick till the end because there will be more than just the recommendations for smartwatch…

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In a Rush? Our Top Pick: Willful Smart Watch- Get Your Fitness Partner Now

  • Takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge
  • Features 10 days of usage time and 30 days standby time
  • Includes special deep breath guide to track
  • Features Call Message Alert to notify

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Best Smartwatch For Galaxy Note 4

Smartwatch For Galaxy Note 4
Product’s Name Operating System Key Benefit Price
Willful Smart Watch IOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 or above Tracks Heart Rate Accurately Details On Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Tizen OS 5.5 Long-Term Usable Battery Life Details On Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Tizen OS 4.0 Beautiful Look And Function Details On Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Tizen 4.0 OS Touchscreens Response Well Details On Amazon
Moto 360 3rd Gen Smartwatch Wear OS by Google Strong And Tough Crafting Details On Amazon

In-depth reviews are a necessity when you have zero clues about the models and so we decided to keep this segment loaded with that. Here are the 5 smartwatch models with their complete reviews.

1. Willful Smart Watch– Best Smartwatch For Fitness

This gadget is built out of firm material with 1.3 inches of screen to view your sign of progress. It as well allows getting precise fitness tracking no matter what types of workouts you do.

Not only that this smartwatch is suitable on android but also supports iOS latest versions of phones. It as well allows you to get the VeryFitPro app to bind your phone data on your watch.

Also, this smartwatch has fine accuracy to counts your spans, steps, calories, times, and miles. In fact, it helps to track your workout distances and physical status along with routes at ease.

The Willful smartwatch is cozy, simple, and fine in tracking real-time heart rates by analyzing your efforts.

Plus, you get a full rainproof surface to wear on your wrist with no damages or harm under the water. It also has an IP68 rating that allows you to cozily swim to the pool with no hitches.

And, we are not through yet. This smartwatch has a long capacity and low power usage design. It as well allows you to get fine stamina to use a long while with no hitch of charging for 7 days.

Besides, this smartwatch has an auto-sleep tracker that allows you to add up to 10 vibration alarm clocks. It as well allows you to wake up at the right time or remind you of any vital stuff.

This smartwatch also helps you to get a simple stopwatch and timers to help setting new records. It as well allows you to practice easily.

In short, the Willful smartwatch is an ideal pick for getting a firm and high-end option on a daily basis. It is also made for both men and women to use snugly in favor of fitness goals.


  • This device has 9 tracking modes for multiple sports.
  • It has Bluetooth 4.0 connection to use well.
  • This smartwatch is secured in 12 months of warranty.
  • It has touchpads to control or clicks.
  • This smartwatch is easy and cozy to use.


  • Unluckily, it isn’t good for small wrists.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3-The Best Smartwatch For Samsung Note 4

One of the most advanced Samsung smartwatch is the Galaxy Watch 3. It as well allows you to get a stylish, powerful, and premium design to wear on your wrist in customized fitment.

And, this smartwatch has a mystic silver color that is made out of tough military-grade materials. It as well allows you to get rid of dust, moist, and extreme sunlight damages at ease.

But wait, that is not all. This smartwatch has long-lasting battery life for up to 43 hours on normal use. It as well helps you to use for a long while in a single charge.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has an integrated Bixby voice assist to track or show fitness data by commanding your tone.

On the face of it, this smartwatch comes with a sleep tracker that can track your body when in meditation or deep sleeping. It as well allows you to get a breathing guide to check stress levels.

This smartwatch also comes with the Samsung Health Monitor app that allows you to connect with your phone for sharing PDF report. It as well allows you to share ECG recording at ease.

And, this smartwatch comes with next-level fitness with fine insights to get 7 trackings for improving your health habit. It as well helps you to learn about movement, steps, and speed.

These are just a few. This smartwatch as well has Trip Detection to detect your falls in dynamic motion. It also allows you to get emergency contact if any serious accident occurs easily.

In brief, this smartwatch is a fine pick if you want wireless connectivity and 41 mm of a big screen to use. It is also worth trying if you want a classy-looking watch for a daily fitness life.


  • This smartwatch has 1GB and 8GB of memory.
  • It comes with a 247mAh of battery to use well.
  • This device shows tracking results precisely.
  • It is light in weight and cozy to wear all day long.
  • This smartwatch charges faster compared to others.


  • A few people find the price expensive.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2– Most Excellent Smartwatch For Monitoring

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is one of the coolest picks for tracking your health in different sports. It as well allows counting your gym, swim, run, and other sports heart rate at ease.

And, this smartwatch has a great watertight facility for up to 50 meters per ISO standard. It as well helps you to never fear water damages and harms to track your fitness progress.

Not only that it has good rainproofing but also offers easy cleaning to rinse off the dirt at ease. It as well allows you to clean in fresh water and dry out the surface naturally.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a solid, useful, and functional smartwatch to grant perfect tracking of your workout activities.

It as well comes with built-in pace coaching that allows you to get your fitness goals in every mile. This smartwatch also helps you to get a better sensor by setting new records.

And, we are not stopping there. This smartwatch as well as has a snug sleek strap that is light and cozy on the wrist. It also allows you to get good fitment with an adjustable sizing option.

Moreover, this smartwatch has up to 768MB and 4GB of memory support to store files or apps easily. It as well allows you to get a 1.15 GHz CA53 Dual chipset for smooth control.

Plus, this smartwatch comes with a True GPS facility to navigate the direction of your destination. It also ensures accuracy to show the roads or places with Bixby voice assistance.

To sum it up, the smartwatch is a unique pick for those who want speed and strong charging with great features. It is also great if you want Spotify and Samsung Heart apps on the watch.


  • It comes with Tizen 4.0 OS for ease of usage.
  • This smartwatch has a 340 mAh battery to charge fast.
  • It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless facility.
  • This smartwatch has a touch screen to use well.
  • It comes at a logical price range.


  • Some people find the accuracy problem with distance.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active– Best Budget Smartwatch For Workouts Use

The Galaxy Watch Active is the finest pick for tracking automatically up to 6 workouts. It as well allows you to improve your health and workout speeds by tracking your wrist pulse.

Furthermore, this smartwatch has both a touchscreen and button for your ease of usage. It as well helps you to get good control and handle to enjoy using apps at ease.

But that’s the part of the story. This smartwatch has 360 x 360 pixels of screen resolution to help your viewing in crisp quality. It as well allows you to see clearly under sunlight or rain.

This Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is a compact, travel-friendly, and waterproof body to use in most places with no struggle.

And, this smartwatch has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facility that allows you to get a fine signal to share data. It as well allows you to use apps or browse using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Moreover, this smartwatch has real-time alerts to notify you if your heart rate gets higher or lower. It as well helps you to get learn about heart rate to maintain good health.

Besides, this smartwatch comes with a thin and firm Fluor Elastomer band that is 20 mm in length. It as well has good adjustments to get a perfect fit on your small or big wrist.

This smartwatch also has 1.15 GHz of faster processing speed to use apps or other options. It as well helps you to know about any searches in a faster response with no lag.

By and large, this smartwatch is a magical pick if you want a close to accurate tracking of your most fitness. It is also good enough to try out for long-term use with the Gorilla Glass coating.


  • It is good for men and women to use.
  • This smartwatch has fine sleep tracking to monitor well
  • It is comfortable to use and great in design.
  • This smartwatch has fine battery life.
  • It has a big touch screen to control apps.


  • This smartwatch doesn’t come with blood pressure.

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5. Moto 360 3rd Gen Smartwatch– Best Pick for Android and iOS Phone

The Moto 360 is a perfect smartwatch that includes an application, fitness tracker, Email, phone, calendar, and pedometer. It is also a good match for android and iOS phones.

Made out of stainless steel and titanium screws, this device ensures great durability to last a long while. It also has scuff-free glass with a wide touchscreen to control the system at ease.

In addition to that, this smartwatch has a fast full charge in 60 minutes facility to use. Besides, it allows you to use a long while with no struggle.

According to the manufacture, this smartwatch features 1 GB of RAM with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Plus, it has a new cutting-edge sensor that can track when you are sleeping. This smartwatch also allows using most fitness apps such as Google Fit, Nike Run Club, and Strava, etc.

No matter which place at you are working out, it has a 3ATM waterproof facility for up to 30 meters under the water. It as well allows you to use it while running, swimming, or breathing.

Moreover, this smartwatch band is built with silicone, leather, and metal materials to grant a beautiful look and cozy wear. It as well helps your hand to feel snug with no tight-fitting issue.

This smartwatch as well comes with a great function to use your favorite apps on Wear OS by Google. It also allows you to use Spotify, Google Music, Shazam, Viber, and other apps at ease.

In general, if you want the latest GPS, heart rate, and step counting technology in one smartwatch, then it is your best bet. It is also worth trying for improving your workout velocity.


  • It has Wear OS by Google™ operating system.
  • This smartwatch is cozy and light to use.
  • It comes with a 3ATM of the watertight facility.
  • This smartwatch is sturdy in design to stand longer.
  • It comes with a faster charging that takes 60 minutes.


  • The smartwatch is hard to connect to the phone.

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How To Select Best Smartwatch For Galaxy Note 4?

How To Select Best Smartwatch For Galaxy Note 4

There are many designs and functionality of smartwatches in the market. A novice may need to look for some points for the best in both worlds. For your easy study, here are a few points with tips to pick the right smartwatch for Galaxy Note 4 phone.

Touchscreen Vs Touchless

To start with, there are 2 types of smartwatches based on the touchpad facility. And, they are:

  • Touchscreen
  • Touchless

Both include good options and a system to control your navigation easily. But, they work very differently.

Touchscreen smartwatches usually have a big screen with sensitivity to control using fingerprint. Most people prefer this type compared to others for a simple gesture-based interface.

The touchscreen watches also have a nice Wear OS feature that allows showing card-based notification by swiping. And, the touchscreen smartwatches are very ideal for those:

  • Who wants easy swiping including apps and other features.
  • Looking for a high-end comfort and quality feel when using.
  • Who wishes for easy handling over functions without wasting time.

On the flip hand, touchless smartwatches are usually functioned with buttons with a small screen to view time. They have similar features like a touchscreen. The only difference is the buttons. So, this type of smartphones is good to use if you:

  • Want a simple answering or playing control
  • Prefer formal presses on both side buttons to use apps
  • Want a natural yet functional smartwatch

Ease Of Usage

Smartwatches should give your wrist cozy and comfortable. You see, a good hand strap included watch that has the right adjustment of fitting will be okay to wear all day long.

Pro Tip: Just be sure the smartwatch has a good strap that is not big on your hand with good fitment adjustments.

Watertight Performance

A waterproofed smartwatch is essential for any weather usage. If you are a swimmer, it’s better to go with a smartwatch that has a waterproof feature.

The smartwatch should have 50 meters of depth waterproofing or an IP68 rating for effective protection.

It will give a good guard to the looks and functions even if you sweat or go inside the water. Just check this feature when in the store.

Long Battery life

Another thing you want to confirm on your smartwatch is the long battery life. A good watch that features up to 7-18 hours of battery life will be perfect for workouts.

Some models have long-lasting setups that promise the battery to last for days. Conversely, others have low battery capacity.

Also, check the faster charging benefit for better usage. Smartwatches should take 30-60 minutes to fully recharge. Since you are investing money, it’s better to go with long battery life and fast charging included smartwatches.


If you want smartwatches for fitness and activity trackers, then accuracy is very important. It also should show results of your health rightly to know about improvements.

A precise watch that can track your calories, distance, heart rates, steps, and so on is a good option.

Some models feature sleep and breathe tracking. Be sure to go with a smartwatch that offers close to accurate tracking data.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are smartwatches worth trying

Smartwatches are a worthy option to try for using helpful features. Yet, they may seem difficult to starters for their different functionality and setups.
Smartwatches for Galaxy Note 4 usually give a big hand to your fitness lifestyle by measuring HR no matter what type of workout you are doing.
And, they are an ideal option to use if you want to improve workout speed, pace, or bad habits in an effective way. Besides, smartwatches are useful for running, cycling, swimming, and so on.

 Can you make and answer calls from a smartwatch?

The simple answer is yes you can. If you connect the smartwatch via Bluetooth or LTE to your phone, it will allow making and answering calls at ease. Yet, it may require a compatible phone that is LTE enabled or have a Bluetooth connection.
Also, this system will help to forward calls on your smartwatch to give a good break to the phone. To make it happen, you only need a smartwatch that is compatible with Galaxy Note 4.

How to use Bixby on a smartwatch

To make it clear, if your smartwatch has an option to integrated with Bixby voice assistance, then it can be used. You can easily use this feature by setting up Bixby on your phone to the smartwatch.
For your information, all models of smartwatches that are compatible with Galaxy Note 4 have integrated Bixby voice usage option.
And, you can get Bixby commanding option by pressing on the home key 2 times. Another way to find this voice command feature by saying ‘Hi Bixby

Wrapping Up

You must have learned about all the features you’ll need for picking the best smartwatch for Galaxy Note 4 after reading this guide. We have given all the helpful tips and info that will lead you to the right one.

In fact, a good smartwatch needs good lasting ability, features, and build quality to pick. The smartwatches should have a fine tracking system to track workouts and heart rates at ease. And, our mentioned smartwatches are safe, comfortable, and travel-friendly to use well.

So, we hope this guide helped you picking the ideal smartwatches with a good buying guide. And, hope you’ll try our given products. Best Of Luck!