How to Use Apple Headphones As a Mic on PC- A Simple Guide

how to use apple headphones as a mic on pc

Are you looking for a recording voice on your windows 10 supported PC, aiming your essential project? And you have an apple headphone with you. Then here we will show you how to use apple headphones as a mic on pc.  Since the windows system is not under the IOS ecosystem, therefore, some little adjustment …

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How to Unsync the iPhone from the iPad: Simple Method

how to unsync the iphone from the ipad

Lucy is in trouble. She synced her iPhone with her iPad. She wants to unsync her iPhone from the iPad now. But she doesn’t know how to do this.  Ten devices allow you to sync under an Apple ID, and you can also associate your computer or Android phone to the iPhone. Sometimes if this …

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 iPhone Charging Port Repair: Simple Guide for iPhone 7

iphone charging port repair

Are you messed up with your iPhone 7 charging issues? If your phones charging port is loose or it’s not charging at all, then probably your charging port is damaged. Hence it requires an iPhone charging port repair. It may seem that this is a very critical chore, but if you have the right tools …

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How to Sign Out of Icloud Account

how to sign out of icloud

iCloud is one of the many services included under Apple ID where your data is protected. This ID supports you to choose and regulate what you want to share. With your iCloud account, your photos and contacts backed up automatically on another synced account. Sometimes this can be a concerning issue of privacy crack. In …

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Two Easy Method: How To Clean iPhone Speaker

how to clean iphone speaker

Are you searching for a lazy but smart way to clean your iPhone speaker? You just need to follow our methods to get an amazing result. We try to help you to clean your speaker comfortably at home without any hassle. Be with us. A grubby speaker can cause low and bad quality sound. You …

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ICloud Vs Gmail – Know The Inner Friction!

ICloud Vs Gmail

Vast usage of Gmail and iCloud is widespread in this technology world. Indeed according to the investigation, people use Gmail and iCloud a lot compared to other information exchange methods. Both of them are very useful, in fact needful, for their purposes. Therefore, it will hard to find people who don’t have much knowledge about …

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Learn How to Share Wifi from iPhone to Mac Step by Step

How to Share Wifi from iPhone to Mac

Imagine you are out of the house or traveling to another state. Where wifi network is available but the password is protected. But it is urgent to complete a tight schedule work on your mac. Then what you will do? Generally, we buy a data pack on our mobile phone for browsing. We can easily …

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8GB Vs 16GB Macbook Pro | Revealing The Budget Friendly Picks

8GB Vs 16GB Macbook Pro

With the demands and requirements increasing every day, Apple realized that the 4GB RAM option cannot be a fulfilling consumer thing anymore. So, they ditched that with the amazing modern feature embedded MacBook Air & Pro versions. You can avail of the MacBook Pro in 8 GB or more upgraded versions. Two very popular models …

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Apple Watch Aluminum VS Stainless Steel Series 5 – The Cream of the Crop?

apple watch aluminum vs stainless steel

Apple watches are known for being super user-friendly and at the same time satisfying with glamorous design. With mind-blowing features coming up with each series, there’s a reason why people are head over heels for Apple’s watch collection. And with that being said, the series 5 enjoyed a pleasant reaction from people with the number …

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