How to Ship a GPU: Best Way of Shipping

how to ship a gpu

A GPU is a piece of pricey equipment. So it’s essential to know how to ship a GPU at the question of shipping. If you don’t have any original packing materials or any UPS store or local postage store nearby, then this article helps you to pack and ship it. Here we give you a …

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How to Ship a Computer Safely: 5 Easy Steps

how to ship a computer

It is essential to keep computer parts safe during shifting from one place to another that’s why how to ship a computer is an important question. As computer has some valuable assembled internal and external components, because of any moving mistake these would damage and cost you a lot for repairing or buying a new …

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How to Fix Screen Tearing Smoothly: 3 Effective Methods

how to fix screen tearing

It is a terrible experience when you play games or see videos, and suddenly your laptop or desktop screen tears and how to fix screen tearing become a big question for you. Screen Tearing happens because of graphics shifting. Massy bags of video games make inconsistent the processor. The single-screen shows different frames on display; that’s …

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How to Install IO Shield: 5 Simple Steps Will Guide You!

how to install io shield

We all know every motherboard comes with its own IO shield so that it can prevent the electromagnetic interference from the components.  If you love to construct your PC by yourself but do not know how to install IO shield, in that case, we can assure this content is going to help you out. Remember, …

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How to Remove Thermal Paste | Solve Your Problem

how to remove thermal paste

 You have not been changing the thermal paste for several years.  Unless the thermal paste is changed for a long time, the CPU temperature rises, and the thermal paste becomes stiff and dry. But how to remove thermal paste? Now is the time to move away with the old thermal paste and replace it as …

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How To Overclock Rx 580 | Easy Tutorial

how to overclock rx 580

Are you using an rx580 graphics card but still not satisfied with the speed rate of the processor? Then, this article will help you how to overclock rx580 and increase the speed with a lower voltage limit. Sometimes for higher graphics performance, especially for heavy gaming, we need a processor of fast frequency rate per …

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How To Use MSI Afterburner | Fast & Easy Way

how to use msi afterburner

Do you know how to use MSI Afterburner? If you don’t and looking for it, then you are in the right place. The famous graphics manufacturer MSI built the graphics utility MSI Afterburner. In this software, you can control and adjust everything in the GPU. But many people don’t know how to use this software. …

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How to Install Motherboard Drivers-2 Easy Method

how to install motherboard drivers

Are you worried about how to install motherboard drivers? Don’t worry about this because with this content; we will tell you how to install motherboard drivers. First of all, we have to select the motherboard that is enclosed for the processor. Because each motherboard is designed to work with specific processors and memory, they are …

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Easiest Process of Yahoo Mail Log Out on PC and Android

yahoo mail log out

Signing out from yahoo mail is not that tough, but unfortunately, most of us get confused about the logout process of yahoo mail, especially when they are using the yahoo app for the first time. If you are one of those confused people, do not worry at all. In this article, I am going to …

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What Is ErP In BIOS? Get To Know!

What is ErP in BIOS

What is ErP in BIOS? If you are looking for it, this is the article you should read. ErP is one of the main functions of the BIOS in our computers. But many of us don’t have any idea about it. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information about ErP. So if …

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