LGA 1151 Vs 1155 Sockets – Which One Serves Better?

lga 1151 vs 1155

Land grid array, more popularly known as LGA has come up with many innovative CPU sockets that people have loved for its fabulous impact on the overall PC experience. However, there is some debate till this date going on about the better bet between LGA 1151 vs 1155 sockets. And that’s quite legit because both …

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10 Best 240mm AIO Liquid Cooler Reviews- What’s Waiting Inside?

Best 240mm AIO

There’s no surprise to the fact that 240mm AIO coolers are super hyped by users for being practically priced as well as providing expected performance to keep the PC experience smoother and better. The capabilities and outcomes are quite equivalent to the bigger air coolers available these days. And that is why manufacturers are working …

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Gateron Vs Cherry – Which One Will Be The Best Option?

Gateron VS Cherry

Switch brands are not a very popular gossip topic you’ll find people to chat over. However, it’s a burning matter of debate in mechanical keyboard communities. However, what is the unique advantages or disadvantages of these brands, and, ultimately which one should be considered the king of switch showdowns? This question becomes even more serious …

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1080p Vs 1440p Monitors- What Makes Major Differences?

1080P VS 1440P

With better resolution, you get to enjoy more sharpness and crispness. Not to mention the higher refresh rates that make the whole thing even more eye-pleasing. But does high resolution actually matter? The advanced gamers and designer may nod their head for a straight yes. But do regular users actually need to pay the extra …

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UNRAID VS FreeNAS | Which One is the Best?

unraid vs freenas

If you want to store data with Network Attached Storage (NAS) system, which one will you choose between Unraid vs FreeNAS?  Without using a storage device, you can’t connect with NAS. So it is essential to select a suitable device. Unraid and FreeNAS are the popular storage devices that work with the NAS server. Sometimes …

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DDR4 3000 Vs 3200 | Select Your RAM For The Super-Fast Performance

DDR4 3000 Vs 3200

Computer users will have to worry about a lot of things for a smooth performance every day including the storage space. Resolution screen size, processing speed, and of course RAM. Both a gaming enthusiast or a regular multi-tasker need to ponder greatly over matters that can help reduce the lags of computers as much as …

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Comparing Single Fan Vs Dual Fan GPU To Find the Ultimate Best

Single Fan Vs Dual Fan GPU

No matter if you are a game maniac or simply someone who needs to complete a lot of workload on their computers or laptops, sticking with upgrades and finding better gears to keep the performance of the PC never losing its pace is a good idea. But one thing that can happen very frequently while …

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16 GB Vs 32 GB RAM | Select the Memory as Your Demand

16 GB Vs 32 GB RAM

Because of going down the price you may think to buy additional RAM for your PC. But you stuck at 16 GB vs 32 GB RAM. A few years ago, you could be perfect with your 8 GB RAM. But now your 8 GB may support you only one game and other ordinary activities. So …

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Gigabyte Vs Intel Motherboard – Which is the Best

gigabyte vs intel motherboard

“I might choose for Gigabyte motherboard for my PC between Gigabyte and Intel Motherboard,” answered a reviewer for the question about the comparison of Gigabyte Vs Intel Motherboard. Whether you are a streamer, content creator, gamer, or looking for building a great PC, you should check gigabyte motherboards. Though Intel motherboards are the first products, …

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