Firecuda Vs Barracuda – Which One is Going To Satisfy You?

firecuda vs barracuda

The traditional hard disk drive known as SSHD has some included inbuilt SSD storage. These parts are usually made from complete memory chips. Spinning disk or any moveable parts are not such components with SSD unlike how we get to see with traditional hard drives. Two of the most popular SSD comes from Seagate FireCuda …

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Killer 1535 Vs Intel 8260: What Offers Fastest Networking?

killer 1535 vs. intel 8260

Which network adapter will be preferable from Killer 1535 vs Intel 8260? Are you replacing your network adapter or buying a new one? Then don’t miss this discussion about the battle of Killer and Intel network card. While checking out the networking experience over these two series from Killer and Intel, we got to come …

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Ah IPS Vs IPS Panel- A Complete Comparison(+Video Guides)

ah ips vs ips

Monitors are pretty complex. You need to consider a lot of characteristics such as input lag, viewing angles, response time and so for picking a suitable one. These terms can be pretty hard to understand for a regular user or buyer who doesn’t want to spend their valuable time learning such a complex display dictionary. …

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Intel B360 Vs Z370 Chipset – The Ultimate Comparison Guide!

B360 Vs Z370

Are you feeling lost comparing Intel B360 Vs Z370 chipset and considering which one to choose? Don’t get exhausted!  Whether you are going to purchase a new chipset or just going to replace the old one, you must extensively compare and contrast the level of performance of the chipsets that fit your budget.  Just remember …

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DDR4 2400 Vs 2666 MHz Ram – See What’s The Key Differences?

DDR4 2400 vs 2666

From the hard drive, the data is been taken by RAM and this includes the programs and games. The component has to hold this information while you are enjoying that program or game. And that’s one main reason why the RAM usually is much faster than what your standard hard drive shows. The same goes …

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EVGA Vs MSI Graphics Cards- Which One You Should Choose & Why?


The choice is always hard when you are quite hanging right between two well-known brands that offer some really quality graphic card options. Which one should you be more interested in and overall would satisfy your overall needs the proper way, this question can have so many answers according to a lot of variables included? …

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7 Best 280mm AIO Coolers 2022 & Buyers Guide

Best 280mm AIO

If you follow news and updates related to AIO coolers then you probably know that the 280MM water AIO coolers are one of the most popular options out there. They are a fantastic choice for a decent overclocking. Plus, they also do very well at keeping power processors cool enough. The overall benefits and good …

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Best 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler Reviews – Top 7 Picks Of 2022

Best 120mm AIO

The “all-in-one” or AIO liquid cooler is one hell of a tool that can easily keep the heated air out of your case from processor to fans. Because these are marvelously quiet and efficient than other types of coolers, people, are tending to prefer them more. Also, the fact that they are a bit costly …

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Best Power Supply Brands Review – Top 7 Manufacturer Of 2022

Best Power Supply Brands

The part of owning a quality PSU or power supply comes to play when you consider the system’s reliability score depending on performance. Deciding on the right type of PSU is actually making a move for the overall system. So, it’s really important that you mull over picking a quality model of PSU from a …

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Static Pressure VS CFM Cooling Fans – Which One Will Be Wiser & Why?

Static Pressure VS CFM

When it comes to finding a proper solution to keep your high-end gaming rig free from overheating, things get a little bit challenging. People without even knowing properly, buy a liquid cooler or an aftermarket case fan and discover they don’t actually need that. And, it’s very important that you have your ideas about these …

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