Learn How to Share Wifi from iPhone to Mac Step by Step

How to Share Wifi from iPhone to Mac

Imagine you are out of the house or traveling to another state. Where wifi network is available but the password is protected. But it is urgent to complete a tight schedule work on your mac. Then what you will do? Generally, we buy a data pack on our mobile phone for browsing. We can easily …

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Resolve: Samsung Account Locked Due to Abnormal Factory

Samsung Account Locked Due to abnormal Factory

A few days ago, I noticed that my Samsung account was locked due to an abnormal factory reset, and the reason was I forgot to log out of accounts before attempting a reset.  As a result, Samsung locked me out of my account and I couldn’t figure out, how to unlock the account? Then I …

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The Solution: Can You Text in Airplane Mode with Wifi?


During traveling on an airplane, we can’t contact others via mobile number, because of “Airplane Mode” on cell signal doesn’t support and our mobile data are going to off automatically. But sometimes we need to contact in emergency purpose. Now, you may have the question- Can you text in airplane mode with Wifi? Yes, you …

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How to Remove Software Update on Samsung+Video Guides

how to remove software update on samsung

Many times you get unnecessary notifications on the phone for software updates. For this reason, you have trouble operating the device. Once the software update is complete, it is important to remove the process again. Because this can cause problems for your device when you are constantly updating software. Don’t you understand how to remove …

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How To Connect Android Phone To TV Using AV Cable

how to connect android phone to tv using av cable

It’s really irritating when you want to enjoy your Android phone with your old flat-screen TV, but you are failing repeatedly. Really you are! Don’t lose your heart. Of course, you are in the right place to get an idea about how to connect Android phone to TV using AV cable. By using AV cable …

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8GB Vs 16GB Macbook Pro | Revealing The Budget Friendly Picks

8GB Vs 16GB Macbook Pro

With the demands and requirements increasing every day, Apple realized that the 4GB RAM option cannot be a fulfilling consumer thing anymore. So, they ditched that with the amazing modern feature embedded MacBook Air & Pro versions. You can avail of the MacBook Pro in 8 GB or more upgraded versions. Two very popular models …

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Apple Watch Aluminum VS Stainless Steel Series 5 – The Cream of the Crop?

apple watch aluminum vs stainless steel

Apple watches are known for being super user-friendly and at the same time satisfying with glamorous design. With mind-blowing features coming up with each series, there’s a reason why people are head over heels for Apple’s watch collection. And with that being said, the series 5 enjoyed a pleasant reaction from people with the number …

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Asus Vs MSI Motherboard – Complete Comparison & Recommendations

asus vs msi motherboard

When you plan for a new motherboard, making a choice becomes hard because it needs to also be competent enough to let other PC components work properly. In short, it’s not just there to perform for itself but your other elements will also need to accept it. And that point is enough to make the …

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Razer Blade Stealth Vs XPS 13 – Who’s the Mid-Range King?

razer blade stealth vs xps 13

When the bet is about a midrange laptop, hardly will you find the available options less promising. Because of the budget balance, manufacturers try to provide something out of the box at a not-so-cheap price point. However, there’s definitely some specific models of laptop that come quite close to each other in terms of performance, …

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